Reviews of Elf oils

Отзывы о моторном масле Elf

In this section, the attention of drivers are reviews of car owners about Elf engine oil. Information collected on the real experiences of motorists based on surveys. If you have experience of using Elf, you can share it with the rest, and send your feedback via the comments form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле Elf

Reviews of motor oil Elf

Demonic, Opel Astra

The Elf 5W30 evolution has passed more than 40 000 km the Vehicle is operated on the highway and in the city about equally. Lubrication change every 10 thousand Satisfied!

Vyacheslav 10, Renault Espace 4

Elf motor oil use constantly. Complaints and flaws in the car was not observed. The only flaw that noticed – it’s darkening. For the sake of comparison, I took a sample of Moths, but it is more expensive.

As a result, Elf is considered normal, and those people who claim that they have the grease mixture doesn’t darken completely – FIB, since the lightness component indicates a clear sign of a fake consisting of either the death of the engine.

Sergey, Volkswagen Golf

Traveled a bit, until first frosts. On cold days, the butter turned to porridge. Prior to that, over 3 years used Comma 10W40 – something which has not happened.

MACHINE 26, Volkswagen Vento

I hated it. The cost is average, but the qualitative indicators of the composition leave much to be desired – fades, darkens quickly, thickens in the cold. Three years rolled back on the Elf 5W40, changed every 7000 km.

Each time the car went worse than the previous one. After removing the valve cover – I was in shock, everything was soot and soot. I had to wash everything to fill another. In General, a little good, I did not fit.

Vyacheslav, Renault Simbol

In my lifetime there were two of Simba. Fill exclusively synthetics ELF 5W40. Never had to add. Enough from replacement to replacement. The oil does not darken, the machine is easy to start even in the cold season. Quality lubrication satisfied at 100%.

Yuri, Renault Sandero

My choice is 5W30 synthetic. I’ve been driving for about 5 years. I didn’t notice any flaws. The oil practically does not turn black and does not require adding. Is stable for 10 thousand, all excellent.

Eugene, Renault Logan

Use an Elf for a long time, probably 8 years typed. Car eats grease carefully in cold start with sex trafficking. I recommend the workhorses of the old time, as for more modern configurations of power units require something else.

AUTO4603, VAZ 21074

So I decided to leave my honest review. From the beginning of purchasing the car in seven poured polysynthetic 10W40. Acquired only in proven places, avoiding the possible acquisition of low-quality composition.

During the long-term operation revealed both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include accessibility for the average consumer. Cons more, among them – the rapid darkening and the appearance of the emulsion under the hood. I want to say, the quality of the oil is below average. My expectations did not meet ELF.

Fame, Renault

The car works all-season on ELF-synthetics. Try to replace every 15,000. Never refilled it. I am satisfied with the oil, both in quality and price.

www.www, Renault Simbol

Sit 8 years on an Elf. I change periodically, depending on the mileage or the period of work. At the expiration of the term – the oil is always transparent, during operation never added.

Ilya 02, Mazda 626

My swallow is simply not killed. Works with a Bang, despite the mileage (287 thousand km). Operate it in different modes, Lew exclusively Elf synthetics. For all the time of the machine, the lubricant did not disappoint and showed itself only from the good side.

In winter, the car starts without hesitation. The oil does not leave a large Deposit, has an excellent complex of additives and perfectly washes the interior of the engine. I am happy to use this brand.

Bob30, Ford Scorpio

At first Lil car in Hado, but over time it stopped like. Lost traction, the motor became unstable work. On the advice of friends decided to change the old oil on the ELF. Drove 8 thousand and so far without complaints, the machine feels good.

Ivan, VAZ 2110

Oil Elf use for the second year. He worked in a taxi. There were no problems with the engine. It’s already 170000. Replacing every 10,000 km. Put a solid four!


7 thousand, and begin to refill the oil black. Try Coma

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