Reviews of engine oil Kixx Gold SL 10w-40

Kixx Gold SL 10w-40, отзывы

Here car owners can get acquainted with the reviews of car owners about semi-synthetic oil Kixx Gold SL 10w-40 (Korea), with the real impressions of drivers of cars of different brands. If you have something to say about the KIX gold 10-W40 semisynthetics, send a review via the comment form and after moderation it will be published.

Kixx Gold SL 10w-40, отзывы

Real owner reviews of semi-synthetic oil Kixx Gold SL 10w-40

Timur, Mazda Family Van

Recently faced with a semi-synthetic Kixx Gold SL 10w-40, decided to buy, try on your car Mazda Familia Van.

Liked-quality and low volatility, and the engine it seems to protect against wear, increasing its resource and viscosity he is normal. Bought, all so, as it described by! I am very glad that this time I was not mistaken. All the advice!

Grigory, Honda Accord

I’m not very happy with the kick gold, because despite the fact that it is quite well-known, and the quality is well described on the official website, I still believe that for the price it should be just gorgeous.

But personally in my Honda it quickly evaporates, it has to be constantly changed, the engine became more noisy. I do not recommend to use.

Svetlana, Toyota Fortuner

Bought p/s oil Kixx Gold SL 10w40 on the advice of a friend who has long enjoyed the oils of this manufacturer. I immediately liked it, from the first kilometers, so to speak. Fuel was consumed much less resistant to oxidation, I do not often.

I am glad that I switched to this oil, although I used to use expensive oils of well-known companies. Now I use only the Kick and advise all friends.

Alexander, Fiat Multiplia

My car is old, Fiat Multiplia. On the advice of a friend poured Kixx 10w 40 because my old, in my opinion, deteriorated in qualities.

Immediately noticed a pleasant change. The engine is quiet, no noise, no buzzing, no other strange sounds. Pedals react perfectly, the car was started without problems and in -30 degrees of a frost, earlier there were always problems, in the morning could not start normally.

In General, now completely satisfied with my choice, and yet I’m not going to change.

Paul, Seat Alhambra

Firm enough known, producer a good, familiar oils Kiks enjoy. I read the reviews on the website, most of all I liked that the manufacturer guarantees the protection of the engine and thanks to the additives, and the quality of the oil itself, the fuel is saved.

I agree with every word written on the official website – I am completely satisfied with how my car began to work on p/synthetics KIX gold SL 10W 40. A long time to change, the engine is nearly silent rustling.

Oleg, Nissan Micra

A friend gave a canister of semi-synthetic Kixx Gold SL 10W-40 for my Nissan, convinced to fill, said that I would like it more than mine.

I fully agree with him – the grease of excellent quality, now I use only this oil, can easily go 6-7 thousand miles without replacement. Does not have a nasty smell. Recommend.

Leonid, Humer H1

Hello! 2 months ago switched to semi-synthetic oil Kixx Gold SL 10W-40, I want to share with you my opinion about this product. I believe that it fully justifies its price. For me it is not cheap, and not expensive, the very thing.

For 2 months of use and never doubted that his choice was made correctly. Great butter! No stink, no engine noise. By the way, my car is big, Humer H1.

In connection with the work I transport heavy goods, and at the same time the load does not affect the viscosity, which is a huge plus for me.

Gleb, Hyundai Accent Prime

Good day. Bought wife KIX gold SL 10w 40 for her Hyundai Accent Prime, as she suffered with her car: the engine was noisy, the car did not start for a long time, though new. All did not want to change the oil more expensive, but I talked.

Immediately noticed the positive changes, now the car starts with a Bang, do not have to spend half an hour with her poking, the engine does not make noise, it darkens the oil is not as fast as the previous one, and therefore had to constantly change it.

Anastasia, Mitsubishi ASX

Everyone is delighted, and I want to tell you about my unpleasant experience with the use of oil Kixx Gold SL 10w40. The car I have Mitsubishi ASX. The guy bought me a can of this oil on the advice of a friend, poured into the tank.

The road was long, halfway the engine began to make noise, it was necessary to change a raskhodnik. My previous – Castrol, not so quickly darkened, perhaps due to the fact that it is from a more famous and expensive manufacturer.

Of course, the kick Has advantages, for example, even in the cold the car starts quickly, which can not be said about each oil. However, I believe that the price and quality it does not match. I’d rather overpay, but I’ll be sure of the quality of the goods. I do not advise anyone 10W-40 KIX.

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