Reviews of engine oil Neste Oil

Отзывы о моторном масле Neste Oil

This page contains reviews of car owners about motor oil Neste Oil (Finland). Here we describe the real experience of drivers of cars of different brands based on surveys. If you have something to say about nest oil, send a review via the comment form and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о масле Neste Oil

Reviews of Neste oil

Evgeny, NissanAlmera

I pour Carry to Nissan Almera, Volkswagen Polo, Renault Fluence. All the names of the working machine in the cab. Replacement after 10 000, enough and the level is always stable. Engines are not dirty, always clean. The lubricant is worth paying attention to.

Timur, Nissan Avenir

Poured oil Neste City Pro 5w40. The car did not start at minus 30 degrees, and the engine almost did not give signs of life. The grease is thick as tar.

Paul, Ford Focus 2

The original oil does not please me, I have to constantly add to the working environment. With Neste faced accidentally, poured 5w30 standard. It is a pity that I did not know about this composition before. Already three substitutions use only this oil and get off it is not going to.

Max, Nissan Example

With Neste my car is familiar for a long time, already a solid mileage wound half a thousand Replacement produce every — 7-8 thousand km. I Think this distance is optimal, in which the oil retains all its useful qualities.

During this long time Dating never topped up the lubricant, the level is kept at a normal level, even in the heat there is no expense. I note that you need to properly monitor the condition of the car in different seasons of the year, I, for example, in the summer pour 5-30, and in the winter is a completely different modification – 0-40.

Alexander, Ford Focus 2

Normal car oil, use Neste standard 5w30. Today my mileage on this part for 20 thousand kilometers Replacement produce every 10,000 km, the engine is a mixture of not eating.

To wear used part Ford Formula 5w30, but on the track the grease quickly walked off. I will continue to use this oil, so it has a quality composition, and I have not heard about fakes.

Vyacheslav, Opel Meriva

I work in a taxi. Lew Neste is in his second year. The quality of it suits me. I do not change often, I try to stick to 8000 km. I did Not notice that the oil is spent on waste. From work colleagues a lot of Gazelles pour Neste Turbo TOSHIBA 10w40 and happy as children. I recommend it.

Vladimir, Toyota Karina

I’m not crazy about this oil. Toyota and Lexus were absolutely omnivorous and could devour even low-quality raw materials. But from the «Neste» zhor directly noticeable on the eyes, especially after 1500 mileage.

Sergey, Isuzu

Oil brought me friends from Irkutsk. Immediately decided to try it out for a test drive. I drove 10 thousand kilometers – the level was kept. It’s time for a replacement. The engine was black, but this is understandable, because what little oil remains light in turbofan diesel.

As luck would have it, the oil was not on sale, had to settle for mobile. After pouring the new members there was an unpleasant smell Sunny. All return to Bear, buy under the order, with him such problems were not.

Ruslan, Mitsubishi Galant

Filled Neste oil a week ago, so far nothing bad I can not say. The car is behaving normally.

Tolik, Skoda Octavia

Wound on his machine for more than 150 thousand km. Neste began to use after the guarantee of 60 000 km, took only the official representative. Replace every 10 thousand, it was all good, even raskhodimosti on frenzy.

But in the last ten oil consumption increased dramatically. Don’t know what is the reason, but the butter melted. Decided to open the engine, the rings were pitch black and completely charred. Disappointed a little. I think it’s a low-quality basis.

Maxim, Volkswagen Polo

As for me, the oil quality is good. Only it seems that after the change of packaging Neste lost its properties. But these are only suspicions.

Konstantin, Honda Fit

Oh, and derogate became Honda’s proprietary lubricant. I was looking for an alternative. Found in Neste 0w20, especially since the tolerances consistent with the required. The most enjoyable was expecting in the price range – the price is two times lower in comparison with the Japanese team.

While everything works well, the fumes are not found, though the mileage is small – only 500 km. I will see what will be at the level of 5 thousand.

Dmitry, Kia Magentis

The oil itself is not bad, but you need to change it more often.

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