Reviews of engine oil Rolf GT 5W-40

In this section you will find reviews of car owners about German engine oil Rolf GT 5W-40. The selection is based on the real experience of using Rolf 5w40 by owners of cars of different brands. If you want to share your opinion, send feedback through the comment form. After moderation, it will be published.

Rolf GT 5W-40, отзывы

Real car owners reviews of oil Rolf GT 5W-40 (Rolf 5w40)

Alexander, Toyota Camry

I Recently had a problem changing the oil. I tried a lot of different options, but so far I could not find a suitable one. A friend advised the Rolf GT 5W-40 engine oil. I was satisfied with the quality. And the price was good.

I Bought in a specialty store, so I’m sure I didn’t get a fake. Such containers, to everything else, it is almost impossible to forge. There were some inconveniences at the Bay, but with most brands this happens. It’s just that the filling system doesn’t really fit my car.

Overall, everything works fine. The engine starts immediately, its operation is almost silent. Only the consumption is large, but it is not a problem, because its cost is low.

Oleg, Daewoo Lanos

Due to the rise in the price of fuel had to look for a cheaper gas station for the engine. Under the arm turned up oil Rolf 5W-40, which cost about 600 rubles for 2 liters. Now it is quite inexpensive.

Just want to note that the promised production of Germany is actually deceptive. Even on the packaging, in small print, says that the oil produced in Russia. In fact, Rolf 5w 40 is not much different from many others.

the engine Has not changed much. He was still making a little noise. When parsing on the walls were visible traces of scale and oxidation. The expense is quite large. We often have to top up. At least, that consoles – for such money not the worst option.

Denis, Volkswagen Golf

First decided to use the oil Rolf GT 5W-40. Before that, he took other denominations of this company. But somehow I couldn’t find a consumable that would suit me in all. Quite by accident in the store came across a Rolf 5W-40 on the stock. Decided to take, try.

Immediately pleased that the metal container. It the oil the longer it is stored, and store better. In the Gulf, no problems there. Spilled just a couple of drops, when compared with other manufacturers of canisters.

Engine started smoothly. Consumption decreased by about a liter. But it is pleased, because now do not need it all the time to top up or completely change. When draining, the working off was dark, but this is because it really cleans the engine from all sorts of toxins. I am completely satisfied with the acquisition.

Alex, Audi A6

Bought synthetic oil Rolf 5W40 initially based on the fact that the car I have German, well, the oil was better to fill the German. It is impossible to mention the price, which is very affordable, and that I was tempted.

As it turned out later, German in Rolf one thing only name and check box on Bank account. Produce it in the city of Obninsk, and God knows what and what technologies. After the second month of use began to notice that the machine smokes.

Mechanics advised to change the oil. After changing to LUKOIL (though also not the best option) and the car began to behave more appropriately, and the exhaust is clean. In General, if you don’t want to kill the engine, then definitely do not fill yourself Rolf 5W40!

Sergey, Toyota

Long use of synthetic Rolf GT 5W-40. Since I buy only in specialized stores, and not in the car market, it is quite sure that it is not a fake. The price is fully consistent with the quality. Pouring is easy.

Oil, though small viscosity, but shed little. The main thing is not to hurry. Consumption is not too high. Topping up only as needed, when it is really little left.

Pleased that in winter at any temperature the engine starts almost immediately. No need to stand and warm up the car for a long time. It saves time and nerves.

When disassembling the engine without traces of oxidation and deposits of «production waste». It works almost silently. No unpleasant smell either.

Peter, Passat

Until this all time was pouring mobile, although he, too, leaves much to be desired. But this time I decided to try something new, filled Rolf GT 5W-40. Since the machine is quite old, and the oil needs quality.

At the time, was always afraid that I will fall for fake Mobile. But even his forgery would not be as bad as such an original from Rolf. In the Bay I noticed that the oil floats on top some drops. It turns out that all the fat rises, and the water remains at the bottom.

Therefore, in addition to water as the pain, this consumable can not name. He even go do not have time to understand, because my patience only lasted for one Bay. Would not recommend to buy this puppy, who really cares about their car.

Andrey Varlamov

I switched to this oil when I had to drive a lot around the area for work. The car is not new, the oil eats up, and compensate for the trips only gasoline.

On diesel I take ROLF GT 5W-40. normal flight starts excellent engine is not dirty, nothing knocks. When draining dark enough, but maybe it’s because of the additives that clean the engine.


After I started using the oil Rolf gt 5W-40, the problem of starting the engine for me ceased to exist. Runs quietly, starts with sex trafficking. The oil in an iron canister, read that be better stored or counterfeited, hope so.

At least, relying on the personal experience can say that specifically this oil me suits on all parameters too.


they Say they don’t fake this oil because of the iron canister. Fill Rolf GT 5w40 the second time, I liked it. The price suits-1275. The machine is used daily, everything is OK, no complaints.

Kirill Plotnikov

switched To oil for financial reasons. I use the car very actively, a lot of time on traffic jams and at traffic lights. First used the ina, but expensive, over time it became a lot to go, the engine began to knock after overheating ( or whatever it is the engine overheating?)

At the service said you need to wash and continue to take oil with additives to clean the engine. Then switched to ROLF Trientalis.

Summer does not spread from the heat (or what should it do when heated?), in winter, retains viscosity and the car starts without dancing with a tambourine. Leaves less than the previous one. At this price, just a great product.

VasDrive, VW

German horse German oil, that is why your Voltswagen considered that only oil from Germany. Given the large mileage of the car, I wanted to buy the composition, which will be effective not only to lubricate the parts, but also to clean.

On the recommendation of a friend bought a Rolf GT 5W-40. The first thing pleased the cost — very affordable oil. Further changes, which were obvious — the motor has earned smoother and gone smoke from the exhaust.

Long-distance oil proved to be very good, as if the engine was born again. After the first replacement, the guys in the service decided to remove the cover and look — very surprised to see that the oil really washed the system.

I Will continue to use Rolf and advise those to whom it is suitable for tolerances. Credit.

Andrey Varlamov, Volkswagen Touareg

the Oil is just super! Went fishing in the winter in two cars on the road I started my zeek 7 diesel . To the nearest service — three days on a reindeer sleigh. To do nothing to acquire, poured from cans friend this Rolf. I thought everything got washed.

An there is no, comrades, my staunch volts (Tuareg, 2.5), revived and ran smoothly and quietly, as real a Pacer, even on start stopped kicking. The return was in the service in any case — said all the beam. I use already more half a year — flight is excellent.


Long monitored the market, which oil is better to take. Oil, which was used before, ruined the whole movement is OK, probably because it was unoriginal. So first of all I wanted to find an oil that is difficult to fake.

And all ROLF oils are available in a package that is difficult to counterfeit. So now I’m 100% sure it’s the original.

Bought on trial ROLF 3-Synthetic 5W-30 , very happy. In winter, no problems with the factory engine and in the heat too. I noticed that the engine is also quieter. Very happy with the choice of price/quality.

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