Reviews of engine oil WOLF

Отзывы о моторном масле WOLF, Вольф

We offer car owners real reviews of Belgian engine oil WOLF (wolf) of different modifications. Here you will find the real impressions of drivers of cars of different brands, identified on the basis of surveys. If you have a desire to share your own opinion, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле WOLF, Вольф

Reviews of wolf oils

Michael, BMW5

The oil is beautiful. Made in Belgium. There are no complaints about the quality. I will continue to use it, since there is a GVO icon, and this designation indicates that the German state-owned company is engaged in testing the products. This means that all products wolf – perfect.

Arthur, Audi A6

Was the maintenance at the dealership, that is official. Agreed to try butter wolf Vitalchek 5/30. I was satisfied with the quality characteristics of the oil, and most importantly the price. Butter – worth, a true European level.

Michael, Renault Logan

I have been working in the field of taxi for a long time, being the owner of the business. Fleet of almost three dozen cars. Oil is used in all cars, as there is a tolerance for Renault. Grease completely satisfied, especially for the price component.

Machines work for days, and there were never any problems. Jora was also not noticed. On a personal horse (merc 2015) also use the wolf, but with a different tolerance. Not overjoyed. The quality is at a high level.

Nail, BMW — X6

My car is cranky on all sorts of bullshit. The car was bought already used – run 48 thousand. In your Boomer without fear pour WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 LL III.

Never had a problem with the car, only positive emotions. And as for the quality and price – the highest score. At the moment I go for the third year. Praise, and only.

Dmitry, BMW 520I

The engine pour wolf 5W30 C3. For three years of using the machine no problems were found. Pornesti not revealed, the engine Behi works well. Probably, the manufacturer uses special additives for this oil. And so – good oil.

Nicholas, Mercedes CLA 220 CDI

My «Gelding» fully satisfied wolf. Consume Wolf Officialtech 5W30 LL III. Before that, there was a Lexus RX car. At first, I used the recommended Toyota waitress. Oil as it is not liked too was carbon monoxide poisoning. Looking for a replacement.

In the end and met a wolf. For four years of use of the car jambs didn’t find. That’s why brand wolf stayed with me.

The oil itself is dark in color, which means that it has a huge number of additional components. At least, that’s what my friend thinks, working with oils for a long time.

Alexey, Volkswagen Passat

Car life I have a rich. Changed 4 cars – always used wolf. This product has a number of advantages: price, tolerance, factory bottling and never heard from anyone that the products from this company was a counterfeit. Good luck on the roads.

Maxim, Mercedes Sprinter

Lew in his typewriter wolf 5/30 C3. Suits me completely, both in quality and price. The only drawback – not every store you can buy.

Andrew, Dodge Calibre

I met Wolf a year ago. Tried different, from import to domestic rubbish. Neither Castrol nor motyul not come. From wolf at first, too, was not expecting anything good but treat the car like it. And the price is very attractive.

Sergei, BMW 5

Of all the lubricants that exist on the market, Wolf looks more worthy of his opponents. It is necessary to purchase oil, not the trade name and advertised product. Lew WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 LL III…

Valery, GAS Gazelle

Disgusting butter. Enjoyed 10w40. Too much consumption of the waste, and the lifters became noisy. Not recommend.

Roman, Fiat Ducato

I drove a Wolf 5-w40 PI-C3 for a hundred thousand. There are no complaints about the quality of the oil. Not ugorayu level holds from replacement to replacement. In winter the oil does not freeze, I will continue to use.

Igor, Ford Focus 2

About this miracle learned from friends who went to Europe. It was extremely pleasant to meet on open spaces of our immense homeland. Only not in every store it can be found and it is very upsetting.

Passed a little while, only 3 thousand km, the engine sings, whispers at idle, and the soul rejoices. No doubt, now I will only buy it.

Vyacheslav, Audi A4

The engine is running, the machine is free of noise. I use wolf 5 to 30. Lures more price.


I pour oil wolf in 2 machines all exasperated.

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