Reviews of engine oil ZIC A+10W-40

ZIC A+10W-40, отзывы

We offer car owners real reviews of Korean motor oil ZIC A+ Semi-Synthetic Gasoline 10W-40 different modifications. Here you will find the real impressions of drivers of cars of different brands of semi-synthetic ZIC A+ 10W-40, identified on the basis of surveys. If you have a desire to share your own opinion, leave a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

ZIC A+10W-40, отзывы

Owner reviews of ZIC A+10W-40 oil

Alex, a the VAZ 21124

I must say that I have tried many different motor oils. But honestly, I think there is no difference between them. The only thing that’s always bothered me is whether it’s fake or not.

Basically, the packaging of all manufacturers is plastic, simplified to madness, and it seems to me that it is easier to forge it. But semisynthetic ZIC oil is poured into an iron container and I really like it!

Victor Alexandrovich, VAZ 2114

As for the engine oil, I try to use which is affordable and always available. So I opted for polysynthetic Zeke 10W 40.

In summer you often have to go to the country, which is located far from the city. Accordingly, during the season, the mileage accumulates. The level keeps OK, engine running quiet, and convenient canister. After that you can apply on the farm.

Vanno, Renault Logan

Probably, like all car owners, for my car I bought a variety of engine oils. The last one was LUKOIL, a good product. Accidentally saw a ZIC oil commercial. Don’t know why, but really wanted to try (decided to check).

Good impression produced packaging — the beautiful and convenient, with maximum useful information, viscosity, tolerances, generally all, that needs. The blurb said that after pouring the engine will run quieter.

Strictly my opinion — no difference with other oils: engine works quietly, but so same, as and before. I can’t hear the hydraulic compensators. In a whole, normal oil.

Michael, Daewoo Nexia

Zeke a+ 10V-40 good oil, perfect for my car. Price satisfied, convenient to use, there is a carry handle. Other oils are not used, and I’m not going to. Still happy with everything.

Maxim, Reno Megan

At the time of buying the car, the owner provided me with a check as proof that he was pouring exactly ZIC A+ Semi-Synthetic 10W-40. It was semi-synthetic Korean production, which the previous owner was very pleased.

To not to experiment, I continue to to change oil only this species. The engine runs quiet, no unnecessary sounds, no issues, starts with a twist, even under heavy frost.

At high above-zero temperature keeps the viscosity. I am very pleased that I preferred ZIC A+ 10W-40.

Andrew, Lada Grant

This oil was advised to me by friends, and since I do not understand anything in this (what oil is better for me they are all the same), I decided to buy.

Naturally, I did not feel any difference, but the engine did not do worse. As for the price, for me it is acceptable. Auto parts store is near the house, there is always oil, why not use.

Sanya, Passat

Use a variety of oils, including 10w40 ZIC a+. The main criterion is the price and availability in the nearest store. If we talk specifically about this oil, I can confidently recommend it.

Convenient to use, as the Bank has instructions for use. Further, in addition to the usual viscosity data, immediately catches the eye information about the tolerances (suitable for your machine or not), convenient handle for carrying banks.

In General, the very Bank I really like. It is made of iron and beautifully decorated. When I opened the package, I was surprised by the purity and transparency of the oil. Before replacing drove somewhere 5000 km, not much blackened. Refilled once.

When starting the engine in the winter to oil no complaints. However, the temperature was about -25 degrees (at lower try not to drive, shame about the car, faster bus drive).

The engine does not make noise, although I noticed that when you pour fresh oil (about very cheap it does not go) the engine seems to be quieter. The overall impression is positive. I believe that a decent product at an affordable price.

Olga, Lada Kalina

I generally find it difficult to assess the quality of the oil. But I will indicate my opinion (maybe someone will agree with me). I believe that all the oils are about the same, the range is created exclusively for commercial purposes.

What kind of oil to fill? Answer: any! If You are satisfied with the price, and the can is convenient to hold in your hands and the car manufacturer recommends it. Only if the choice is made, then, in my opinion, on it and it is necessary to stop. I, for example, use ZIC A+10W-40, it so happened that the previous owner poured this oil. The car pleases. Just like this.

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