Reviews of LOTOS oil

Отзывы о моторном масле LOTOS (Лотос)

In this section you will find reviews of car owners about LOTOS engine oil from Polish concern GRUPA Lotos SA. The selection is based on the real experience of using Lotus car owners of different brands in accordance with the surveys. If you want to share your opinion, send feedback via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле LOTOS (Лотос)

Reviews of engine oil LOTOS

Denis, Opel Astra

Contain 2 machines – Opel and Gazelle with Kamensky unit. Gazelki took from scratch, was flooded with a terrible lubricant, the engine is constantly rattled. Friends recommended to use Lotus 10W40.

I felt the difference immediately, the unit began to work much quieter, and extraneous sounds no longer heard. Rolled today almost two hundred thousand kilometers — everything works with a Bang.

As for Opel, here, too, everything is fine, diesel is like petrol unit. In General, only positive recommendations for oil.

Eugene, Opel Omega

I use Lotus for several years, came to the conclusion that the oil should be changed every 7 thousand run, not 10, as indicated in the technical recommendation of the manufacturer.

The combustion engine starts to run unevenly. After replacing again all Okie.

Igor, Mercedes 350

The machine does not have its own, laminated on a Mobile phone great mileage, 200.000 km, but decided to change a consumable, so I started to add 1.5 liters to the top ten of the race.

At the service station, the car was advised to fill Lotos 5-30, decided to try, because already elderly Mersu is nothing scary.

Oddly enough, it happened almost a miracle. On the top ten moves never topped up. Now I thought about using it in my swallow.

Hunter, BMW 530

As for me, so this oil is normal. For 4 years there were no claims, the expense is similar. In winter, the car is fine.

Andrew, Hyundai Solaris

I think that this oil is the best, even among expensive analogues. I chose the quality and do not regret anything.

Vovka, Volkswagen Golf

Pour Lotus in passenger transport and the truck. The engine is quiet, the liquid does not burn, the engine is cleaned – I’m glad. Among the advantages can be identified and the price is much more economical than a Motul, and there is no difference at all.

Giggson, Ford Focus

Something that has long sought – Lotus Karas. Any criticism. Excellent quality.

Garik, ZAZ Sens (ZAZ Sens)

The Lotus protects against wear and tear, I thought. I mean when you first start the engine in the period of oil starvation of the rubbing mechanisms, especially in the cold period of the year. I am satisfied, because I see a good lubricating potential.

Old Finn, Hyundai Porter.

Only positive characteristics, better and more economical oil does not exist. Immediately visible character of wear resistance, as the machine has reduced fuel consumption.

The engine has not been overhauled, the replacement is carried out every 20 thousand kilometers. He tried to pour in Soviet Ural bike, left all the deposits and sludge.

Lesha, Mitsubishi Lancer

During his long chauffeur experience tried a lot of different oils, from economy class to premium versions. The motor always something not like it, was unnecessary and nasty sounds.

Lotus collided on the maintenance of cars. Since then, I said goodbye to engine problems, and Lotus became my faithful companion, who saves the car from trouble.

Siberian, Mercedes 740

I’ve never seen worse butter than this. It’s probably made of washing powder with the same name. The horror of it, better synthetics LUKOIL to fill.

Forgood, Ford Mustang

A beginner is always unlucky in choosing an oil component for his car. This statement also affected me. I bought a car, but I didn’t put too much oil in it.

Did it in vain — it would be better with companions consulted – story of my life first make, then looking for the solution to the created problems.

I had to go to the garage, where he was offered a Lotus. I can 100 percent say that this oil is ideal for my car. I’m glad.

N. V. S., Lada Kalina

Production workers – I Express my gratitude to You for the creation of high-quality oil. Previously used other types of lubricants, now only the Lotus!

Igor, Chevrolet Lanos

In the technical instructions of the car it is written that the recommended oil for use is considered total. But with the acquisition of cars filled the Lotus, not regretted even for a second.

Faced for his life with different repairs, but the choice fell on this oil, so it has passed the test of time. Advertised lubricants fear – advertising often praises the product, but does not indicate its shortcomings, and they are usually very significant.


LOTOS oil is recommended in the store. Oil is good, changed every 8-9 thousand km, the color does not change.

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