Reviews of LUKOIL oil

Отзывы о моторном масле Лукойл (Lukoil)

This section contains reviews of car owners about engine oil LUKOIL (Lukoil) of different types. The information was selected on the real impressions of the drivers on the basis of surveys. If you want to share your opinion, send feedback via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле Лукойл (Lukoil)

Reviews of engine oil LUKOIL (Lukoil)

Vlad, Toyota

LUKOIL began to use oil from the moment of purchase of the car, decided to support the domestic producer especially as in salon it was on sale at a discount, decided to take and didn’t regret, the car works perfectly.

Karina, Toyota Dune

My impressions of LUKOIL Suite API SL/CF 10W-40 leave much to be desired. Undoubtedly fuel from the company at the highest level. But the engine oil is not up to the quality.

Plugging it into his car and after 2000 km, I had to replace it cause I lost viscosity, and the engine began to act up. Perhaps, other machines it and be appropriate. As a conclusion, I can say that it does not correspond to the declared quality and has no special advantages.

Dmitry, Lada Priora

I chose it because of the low price, at a discount, in principle, the machine works perfectly, the launch of the -30 is successful, fuel consumption is negligible, before that poured into the VAZ 2115, the consumption was much more oil happy, but began to change it more often.

Alexey, Daewoo Espero

This is the third time pouring LUKOIL engine oil. Operation of the car is carried out directly throughout the year. On a run of ten thousand kilometers have to fill only half a liter.

Once tried to pour another, then for some reason the motor started to knock, then came an unpleasant noise. And I again moved on its already long proven option. Especially since it does not fail in the winter, and the quality is maintained for a long time, and the cost is pleasantly surprising.

Sergey, Reno

Bought a car used, the former owner of Lil LUKOIL. I kept pouring it in. Every 66 thousand kilometers I tried to change the timing belt. But only I was shocked by what I saw inside, especially from the state of the cylinder head. The inside was completely full of burning.

Replacement spend personally, and try to have every passed the 10,000 run. And in any replacement notice that the old oil is awfully dark. I traveled for several seasons and still nothing has changed. I changed the oil just in case.

Oleg, Land Rover

To begin with, I would like to say that in reality the lubricant of this brand is an excellent option, and the cost is appropriate. In principle, the wheel I got recently, and the autos did not understand.

Decided to consult with more experienced drivers. After a thorough washing, poured engine oil from LUKOIL. When working significantly reduced extraneous noise. The total consumption of oil and fuel significantly decreased, the impression is only positive.

Vladislav, Kia Spectrum

LUKOIL chose because of the low price, the machine began to work worse, the replacement has to be done more often than on Castrol. I went to the inspection center, recommended to change the oil, so as not to kill the engine.

Kolyan, Daewoo Matiz

After a year of use LUKOIL was satisfied with the result, and bought it instead of expensive imported and did not regret. Thanks to a balanced package of additives, it can be put on a par with quality imported analogues.

Previously, I bought another expensive oil, now compared it with LUKOIL and preferred the latter, the quality is not inferior to analogues from abroad, and the price is not very biting. Disadvantages have not yet been found.

Eugene, Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a big car, an SUV. Bought a year ago at a gas station LUKOIL oil 5W-40 purely for the sake of experiment. As a result, I still use it. The oil is inexpensive and very high quality, the exhaust is clean. In the cold starts to cheer.

About zhor will not speak, is silly, given the engine size of my car. In comparison with all previous oils it is spent very little. When replacing, the working off is clean, which means that the engine units do not wear out.

Vadim, Mercedes-Benz

Oil arranged for the cost, and after replacing noticed that it practically does not burn. From one replacement to another takes only half a liter.

I have a rental car, but even under severe climatic conditions, oil and fuel consumption remains unchanged. Also noticed that the valves in the engine work the same way as in the beginning. It is possible to start a car even in frosts from the first time.

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