Reviews of Mobil Ultra SAE 10W-40

Here you can find reviews of car owners about Mobil Ultra SAE 10W-40 engine oil. If you have experience using semisynthetic oil Mobil Ultra 10W-40, do not spare a couple of minutes, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.


Mobil Ultra 10W-40, отзвыв

Mobil Ultra SAE 10W-40 engine oil reviews

Sergey, Kia Cerato

Selling his old domestic car, moved to a foreign car, though not new. Anyway, but the oil decided to fill a completely different brand, unlike the one used on the previous car.

Called the former owner and clarified the information. It turned out that he constantly poured semi-synthetic oil Mobil Ultra SAE 10W-40. In the sample purchased a can of 4 liters (after reading reviews and consulted with the seller).

Honestly, the price scared me off at first (compared to the price of oil, which was poured before).

In short, all my doubts have gone away after the operation of the car on the Mobile: the engine starts at all temperatures, there is no knock and noise, there is no soot on the engine parts. The overall impression is positive (around price).

Dmitry, Reno Sandero

My wife and I live in a region where winter takes the most time of the year. Temperatures fall to -35, and even to -40C. Therefore, the criterion for the choice of oil for me was its performance at low temperatures.

I thought Mobil 10W40 was a good solution. In the cold the car was always started, though I have a good battery. I consider other indicators of efficiency of application of oil subjective (absence of noise, smooth operation of the engine, etc.).

As for the recommendations, for those who are forced to travel in the winter in the cold — this oil is the perfect solution.

Evgenia, VAZ 2115

Me with the choice of oil has helped to define television advertising. I liked the packaging, but the price seemed high. Some special changes I did not notice, but in the winter the car started without problems. Conventional oil. Perhaps another would be no worse and cheaper.

Vyacheslav, Lada Vesta

Many reviews mention the high price of the ultra 10w 40 mobile. But I think it’s worth it. High-quality oil, reliable protection of the engine in the winter cold, confident start of the car at sub-zero temperatures. Why save, if at the same time, increases the likelihood of engine failure. A great oil.

Dima, Renault Logan

The reason why I decided to change the brand of engine oil was its high consumption. We had to constantly make topping, especially in the cold season (winter, autumn).

Began to use p/s mobile Ultra 10W-40, the situation has improved, the oil level does not change. Product quality, affordable (there are in every store of goods for cars).

Mikhail Ivanovich, Toyota Avensis

A car for me is a way to be mobile at any time of the year. So I choose the most reliable cars that will not fail in the right situation. Naturally, I approach the choice of engine oil with great responsibility.

Semi-synthetic Mobil 10W40 is ideal for my car. Its main advantage I think high performance properties at low temperatures (the engine starts at -38C), quiet operation, protection of engine parts at different operating modes.

Very convenient packaging. High price, in comparison with other brands. However, I do not know whether to consider it a disadvantage – you have to pay for the quality.

Marina, Volswagen Tiguan

Hello! In my car I use oil Mobil 10W-40. I learned about this brand from advertising. That’s all my knowledge! Insisted on this oil my husband (he understands it). I will say the following, in the winter is always wound up (the car is not new), beautiful packaging.

The most important thing is not to buy a fake. I read on the Internet that this happens if you do not buy in specialty stores. Another disadvantage is the cost of oil. It is much higher than other brands.

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