Reviews of motor oil G-Energy

Отзывы о моторном масле G-Energy (Джи Энерджи)

In this section you will find reviews of car owners about g-Energy motor oil from Gazpromneft concern. The selection is based on the real experience of car owners of different brands in accordance with the surveys. If you want to share your opinion, send feedback via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле G-Energy (Джи Энерджи)

Reviews of motor oil G-Energy

Sergey, Gazelle Gas

I work hard. Leaves about a barrel in 30 days. The last barrel of oil leaves much to be desired, coking.

Rustam, Toyota Corolla

Together with his friends decided to try the engine oil G-energy for their Japanese cars. Perfectly approached, the positive effect of its use was at once noticeable. I see no reason to overpay for expensive brands.

Marat, Hyundai Accent

I bought the oil from Gazprom, drove until a couple of thousand. In General, the machine has become quieter, no longer heard the noise of the hydraulic compensators, traction is available.

Danila, Toyota Camry

It was time to change the grease. Came to the service, saying I here is a need that was previously filled. In response, I hear from the Manager that we do not have this, you can try g energy – everyone likes it.

I had to agree to the test for lack of choice. After the replacement, I did not recognize his iron horse, the feeling is that added horses under the hood, began to fly straight on the track. I am pleased.

Anton, VAZ Prior

In my car there is a problem with the motor system, the motor has a tremendous appetite for oil. Previously used Mobil – ate a liter a month, after the transition to the G-Energy was also a liter to eat, but in a week. One disappointment. Switching to Bardahl.

Denis, Renault Logan

There are several cars in my family. Some time ago on the recommendations of the sellers poured grease JI energy, like so far. With him there are no problems, not even add up to replace.

The price is attractive, which is especially important at this time and for me in particular. The perfect combination of product cost and quality characteristics of the lubricant.

Now I only use it and fill in all the cars of the family. The oil is really good, but you need to take into account the specifics of the correct selection of lubricant for the required brand of car.

Oksana, Toyota Echo

I got the car in 2007. Since then I have been trying to choose the right lubricant for my car. It doesn’t work. When I come back for THAT, the mechanic is always dissatisfied.

He says that the level is reduced at a frantic pace, formed a lot of soot, and incorrectly selected oil in General. Here is my turn and energy, the train, I went back on IT. Everything went smoothly, I’m happy and mechanic.

Vanya, Skoda Octavia

Again something to put on top. The slogan of Gazprom just kills. Not tried and not expected.

Maxim, VAZ 2109

I use semisynthetics G-Energy Expert 10w40. My engine is thrilled, the grease goes well with it. Never refilled it.

Used cheap LUKOIL, the engine just roared, even thought he would explode or collapse. As for energy, it is a little more expensive, but fully justified.

Paul, Hyundai Accent

For my Korean car is what you need. Fill more than 3 years, very pleased with both the quality characteristics of the lubricant and the cost and consumption. Much better than other oils, which are not only more expensive, but also inferior in quality.

Igor, VAZ 21099

Oil satisfied, has repeatedly poured semi-synthetic Expect G 10W-40. It does not get dark, almost do not top up.

The machine is certainly old, but I see no reason to buy expensive oils. It’s just a waste of money. Therefore, I use energy from Gazpromneft, and it meets the criterion of price-quality at the proper level.

Denis, Toyota Avensis

Mileage on my car is already quite impressive, more than 200 thousand km. Purchased from scratch, but the dealers did not go – too much money is asked. With Novi poured Dzhi Enerdzhi with a bias under Japanese cars.

More than 5 years have passed, and the level is kept from replacement to replacement. The most important thing is to choose the right engine oil, in addition, the energy lubricants have a fairly wide range of products and specific applications.

Ali, Lexus LX 570

Oil likes. Has acquired recently a new Lexus and with the first substitutes fill in energy. I have already covered more than 100 thousand km, everything works stably.

All my friends also use this oil. Recommend for use auto Korean and Japanese brands G-Energy FAR EAST 5W-30 API SM. The quality is excellent.

Vladislav, Toyota

For a long time I bought energy and did not know the problems with the car, but recently like something happened to him. I poured it, and over time it darkened on service life, it seems norm. In my opinion, the quality of additives and their composition are at a good level.

I will say only one thing – the oil from Gazpromneft is better to fill in on older cars, and on new ones with high-tech engines it is better not to. Previously, I could recommend it, it was really high quality.

And that’s the last point that has led to a change of opinion – the words of my friend. He is engaged in sale of oils and not to trust him, at least, silly. He claims that 20 percent is a real quality, and the remaining 80, that is the majority – the real fake. Disappointed.

Eugene, Audi 80

G – cool oil, today even in minus 26 easily wound up my swallow, and the motor even not sensed this the coldness.

Nail, Fiat Albea

Company Gazprom again zombiruet people, rx8, you can pour the oil is made on the basis of mineral or simply mineral water.

It is important to know that if the grease does not darken for a long time, but it should be alerted. It’s hard to believe that people whose engine slipped the value of 200 thousand km on this oil, everything is normal.

pommeoo05, Toyota Hayes

In my subjective opinion JI is not inferior to lubricants from leading manufacturers and can compete with them. It is ideally combined with lightweight transport. Thanks to the created complex of specialized additives, the oil is very resistant to adverse factors.

It is able to provide a safe start in the winter. It is worth noting the soft operation of the engine, and the reduction of noise indicators during its operation. Great lube.

Rufina, Toyota Caldina

For me, this oil was a discovery and a sensation at the same time. For the price liked it, unlike analog. The quality is also all right. First trotted, when first offered a HUNDRED to fill, as I recall, the reviews read in the Internet. The statements there are wrong, G-Energy is a good product.

Kirill, 32 years old, Nissan Juke

When buying my car, the previous owner advised me to fill in the g-Energy F Synth 5W-40 car oil, which I did. Now I do not regret it at all. The engine does not eat it at all, thanks to the various additives that it contains and increase the life of the engine.

In winter, in -25 wound up with half a turn. The only thing — the price recently jumped a little on g-energy. But I am ready to overpay for such quality. It is better to pour the excellent oil and not worry about the engine than to save, and then pay for the repair round sum. I use and rejoice, I do not even think about switching to other brands.


Poured in a barrel with a mileage of 300 tysch oil, you can fill.


I do not understand people who write that first the engine ate a liter a month, then began to eat a liter a week. Yes, what essentially is the difference, the engine needs to be repaired, not the oil producers to look for.

He is not the first pour, G-Energy, like. Do not add at all, there is no need. The motor runs smoothly. In General, I’m happy with this oil, I’m not going to change.


Here’s another replacement interval came to an end. And this time my choice fell on the oil G-Energy, because this manufacturer has a line of oils designed specifically for turbo engines, namely, it was chosen G-Energy 5w40.

What say. The engine began to rumble like a kitten) the feel of the ride more enjoyable. Now 7 thousand on it already skated, I don’t see a Deposit, it isn’t necessary to top up too. So the oil is apparently good, going to pour it on and on.

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