Reviews of motor oil Rosneft 0w-40

Роснефть 0w-40, отзывы

We bring to the attention of car owners reviews of motor oil Rosneft Premium 0w-40 on the real impressions of drivers on the basis of surveys. If you have experience using Rosneft Premium 0w-40, share it with other motorists by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Роснефть 0w-40, отзывы

Real Rosneft Premium SAE 0w-40 oil reviews

Alexander, Toyota Camry

I’m pretty good at engines. Recently switched to synthetic Rosneft Premium 0w-40. I needed something economical to keep the engine from clogging up. The car runs almost every day for 8 hours.

After I decided to check the engine, I was surprised that everything was clean inside. No scaling and other waste of iron in the engine was not.

Compared to other oils, even with the same mobile, I’m more than happy with the result. In addition, the engine has become less noisy, which can not but rejoice.

Oleg, Honda

Oil Rosneft 0w40 dissatisfied completely. Once filled in and regretted that I did it. Rosneft generally pretty suspicious office. If they can not make normal quality fuel, then what can we say about engine oil?

Perhaps, as some other brands of cars it fits. But I was personally disappointed. Yes, it is affordable for everyone. But this does not mean that the quality is good. I would not recommend using it if you want to save the motor longer.

Sergey, Octavia

I have been using Rosneft 0w 40 for my Skoda for a long time. We can not say that it is super, but much better than many others. I take it only in the manufacturer’s store, so I’m sure that I will not slip some fake. As, for example, in unknown cans pour it is unclear what mobile.

The result of using oil – the best engine performance. Starts the first time even in the heat, even in the cold. In addition, after disassembling the engine was completely clean, without any scale of iron. In General, normal oil at a reasonable price. And the expense of it is not too big.

Peter, A Toyota Corolla.

Oil can not be called either too good or bad. The quality is fully consistent with the price, and it is average, affordable. Nothing bad especially about Rosneft premium 0v40 can not say. I fill in every three weeks, because I travel a lot.

The engine makes no noise, start fast, no matter the temperature. Does not stop after every stop at a traffic light. Protects against the formation of scale and also to not waste clog the filter engine. It is a normal budget option.

Igor, Nissan X-Trail

I hate it. Perhaps I got a fake, although it is unlikely, as took Rosneft 0w-40 in a specialty store. Maybe it was necessary to take the oil of a higher class, but it is much more expensive.

In General, after the first Bay I felt a very unpleasant smell, which did not pass. In addition, the oil is very viscous, beginning to climbs.

It is also inconvenient to pour it, because a large amount of liquid is simply poured. I will look for some other option for myself.

Leonid, Kalina

For several years I have been using Rosneft Premium 0w40 for my Viburnum. I have no complaints about the quality of the product. At this price, so much the more. In comparison with mobile consumption decreased almost 2 times.

Previously, I added 5 liters every 2 weeks, now I do it once a month. The engine runs without any problems. Starts in any weather and on any road.

After two years of operation, the engine is clean, without traces of iron on it. I often go to the service STATION, no one pays my attention to the fact that something is wrong with the engine and it is necessary to change the oil.

Vladislav, Toyota Camry

Synthetic oil Rosneft 0w 40 average. Nothing really bad I can not say. The engine runs absolutely fine, with no unexpected stops.

Withstands large temperature changes. For the price I am completely satisfied. The engine is much quieter than when using other oil.

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