Reviews of motor oil Rosneft

Отзывы о моторном масле Роснефть (Rosneft)

Here drivers can read reviews of other car owners about Rosneft motor oil. Information was collected on the real experiences of motorists based on surveys. If you have experience using Rosneft, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле Роснефть (Rosneft)

Reviews of Rosneft oils

Alex, Toyota Caldina

Purchased today thoroughly – bought washing oil and semisynthetics for the engine Rosneft 10w40. All cleaned, washed, poured engine oil. The launch was easy, smooth and quiet running.

Alice, Mazda MPV

Advised, bribed the low cost of the product. Not disappointed, now constantly Lew Rosneft. The only drawback is that the oil is sold at well-known gas stations, and in conventional stores it can not be found.

George, Volvo S60

As for me, the company Rosneft is credible. Oil I like and it quality. I use the oil mixture for about a year. The main positive characteristic will highlight the low cost.

This feature allows you to change the composition more often than any other oil, which allows you to keep the motor system of the car in perfect condition without harm to the wallet.

Alexey, VAZ 2107

Dashed off in two years almost thirty of the race. Used Rosneft Premium. It is worth noting that often faced with a fake, even in the service points poured some bullshit, so lost all confidence in them.

I believe that for the domestic automotive industry is better than Rosneft oil does not happen, but it is desirable to acquire the most proven points, and it is better at branded gas stations.

Anton, Toyota Karina

Previously enjoyed Eneos 5W30, but recently poured Rosneft 5W40. Noticed that the engine at idle and under load it started to work smoother. Still happy with everything.

Artem, 2109

Enjoyed advanced shell «semisynthetics» 10W40. The machine worked fine at first, but lately has wound up as the old lady, that is not fast.

Decided to change oil. On the advice of friends and colleagues filled Rosneft. The car runs, and starts well. In General, found what I need.

Anatoly, KAMAZ

I am an entrepreneur, engaged in farming. Technique has long been used, so I use unpretentious oils. Previously, Rosneft oil was satisfied with everything, but the price tags for the mixture jumped up sharply after these crises.

My friend recommended to use Lube Machine oil of domestic manufacture. Not regret. Immediately poured into his tractor and was pleased with the result. Lubrication is actually good and much lower in price analogues. Now only work with this team and suggest to all your friends.


Oh, well, today’s prices for consumables. Used М10ДМ from Gazprom, the oil is not a good bet, but alas no longer afford. I was looking for a more economical option, came across Rosneft, but it would be better not to try.

The pressure in the system dropped instantly, grease on the engine, though a ladle to draw. Refused the similar oil, even the back two barrels to the seller. Currently I use Ufa – black barrels with an orange hue.

At a cost of more than satisfied, and the workers stopped complaining about the product. To connect with Rosneft will not.

Victor, Toyota Auris

What kind of oil is that? Decided to use synthetic and I was almost caught «the Crazy». The fact is that for two months of operation, the oil level in the engine has halved.

to seek quick replacement of this testing, selected mobile. Now I remember Rosneft as a terrible dream. The price is good, but the quality is not worse.

Vasily, Volkswagen Golf 3

Bought a used car, it was filled with Castrol. The machine was in satisfactory condition, needed repair. Before repair went on cheap oil Rosneft.

Six months later he brought the car in good condition, but did not change the synthetic Rosneft. It skated about 4 years, all arranged. Then the prices for consumables jumped and Rosneft began to cost like a shell. In last replacement decided to take advantage of shell.

Shell oil is normal, but in winter the car went bad and heavier. In the future, I will return to Rosneft, after all, the oil has already been tested.

Andrew VAZ Kalina Cross

Today the mileage of the car is 15 thousand kilometers. More than half of the mileage is laminated on LUKOIL Suite, but at the last replacement was flooded Rosneft Premium 5W40.

It makes absolutely no difference. The price is also almost the same, Rosneft costs 1,200 rubles, and LUKOIL 1250 wooden. The choice is only for the driver, who likes which oil more.

Airat, ZAZ Sens

In his old Oka used synthetic Rosneft 5W40. All arranged. Filled same oil in a brand new car ZAZ Sens – dropping compression. Dissatisfied.

Andrew, Hyundai Elantra

Before the meeting with Rosneft, shell NX8 WAS used, there were never any problems. But after the jump in prices decided to find a more economical option. Found Rosneft 5W40. After several hundred mileage I decided to check the dipstick for the oil level.

I was very surprised when the mark on the probe looked like a plaque. I can imagine what’s going on in the engine room. Since then, I no longer use this oil.

Alexander, Ford Focus

All products manufactured by the company, very much. Had no problems with starting the engine in cold strong, starts easily in any weather. The motor is a little quieter began to work, which is also a great advantage.

Always enough oil from replacement before replacement, did not notice any extra oil consumption through burning. I am pleased that I have found a normal car oil. Rosneft has already recommended it to all his friends.

Denis VAZ 21214М

I use Rosneft Premium 5w40. The old wound on the speedometer almost tridtsadku, the machine rustles a Bang. No deposits or discoloration. Everything is clean everywhere, even under the valve cover. In the cold, the engine is easily scrolled.

I change once in the «five», considering that this is the best mileage to replace. Recently began pouring Rosneft in bridges, gearbox, RCP — while also everything works well.

Vladimir, VAZ-2113

Was I have VAZ-2113. After the warranty (was only when me the engine poured clear that, turned his attention to Rosneft, polysynthetic 5W-40. When mileage 155 tkm sold to other oil it on my recommendation used is exactly the same.

Now range machines 320000 km. (!) Engine runs smooth, petrol appetite is not suffering, oil does not eat,under the valve cover is only slightly brownish plaque! So-that the quality of Rosneft checked in action!

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