Reviews of oil Comma

Отзывы о моторном масле Comma (Комма)

We bring to your attention reviews of car owners about Comma motor oil (Comma) of different modifications. The data was collected on the real impressions of the drivers. If you have experience in the use of Comma, please share it with other motorists, and send your feedback via the comments form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле Comma (Комма)

Reviews of engine oil Comma

Irian, Thestages

Comma fully satisfied. Familiarity with lubrication began an old Suzuki Grand Vitara that had already killed the engine. «Feeding» engine Eurolite 10w-40 played a role. He worked for a long time.

Now I have another car, with the first inspection fill Syner-G 5w-40. The grease is not ugorayu in the cold runs well, no problems there.

The mechanic at the service station said that the engine is in excellent condition. I am also pleased that the Comma produces cans of 4 liters, so for me it is very convenient.

Tom, VAZ 21119

I do not advise. Hit the situation when the oil was cold when cold. In General, poured comma 5w40 for the second time, drove about 1000 km and the oil crystallized at minus 12 degrees.

At first I thought that in front of me counterfeit, but compared with branded packaging company. Everything is carefully checked – the same everything. Then that’s not the point. I don’t need that oil.

Alexey, Kia Sid

Satisfied with the price, you can also note the convenient cans for use, with a capacity of 1, 3, 4, 5 liters. In the range of Comma easy to pick up grease for the desired type of engine. In General, the oil is not bad, that is not worse than other varieties.

The only drawback is the low prevalence of the brand. That is, it is worth considering when there is an emergency and you will need to add a little oil, then buy it will be problematic.

Alexander, Fiat Fiorino

Have always filled it with Mobil Super 3000. On the recommendations of friends went to the Comm. The company is not known to me, but the price was lured, because it cost almost twice cheaper than a standard Mobile. How did the car behave? Everything remained at the same level. The question arises, why overpay?

Aftert, Mazda 3

For my magic swallows most it, poured 5w30 — the result was not long in coming. Unlike my previous drenched Lotus, which ate after 3 thousand km incredibly much, it’s like heaven and earth. Now I do not look under the hood from fill to fill. Recommend to all.

express-master06, VAZ 2104, issue 1990

I got this car from my father-in-law. The car has never seen a normal oil to me because there was a lot of carbon on the lid of the valves in the diagnosis.

Replaced the old oil on the Comma. The next visit to the master was stunning for him, as he did not find a trace of defects. There was no soot, no excessive consumption. 10W40.

Sergey, Skania

Komma has been serving me faithfully for 9 years. Over this long period, I clocked up my Scania about 800 thousand km and no problems, everything works.

Andrew, Chevrolet Aveo, 2007.

I use for five years. During this time, have not seen excessive oil consumption, complaints about the car engine no. Oil class!

LR7728, VAZ 093

Long been eyeing the oil Komma because the owners praised its cleaning features. Unfortunately, the magic did not happen. Properties were like other lubricants. Standard tarnishes and oxidizes with 3 thousand. Nagar so and not was able to remove.

tina_t@meta.ua24, VAZ 2107

Bought oil for the engine Somme, generally like it. By the choice of lubricants are careful, as the machine is relatively new.

Though, just shot it has great mileage, replacement spend regularly. There are no complaints and probably will not be. I have already recommended it to all my friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

серж19, Ford Sierra

I bought the car 3 years ago. Now do not remember what kind of grease was flooded initially. During this period changed many oils, but a major difference I was determined. And in the period of arrival on mechanics recommend oil Komma.

Changed, and I left. Immediately it was possible to note less smoke from the exhaust pipe and quiet operation of the engine. In General, like, a year already go. That is all right.


At the moment, the best oil and at an affordable price !!!

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