Reviews of oil Kixx G1 5w40

Kixx G1 5w-40 (Кикс 5w-40), отзывы

Here you can find real reviews about the engine oil Kixx G1 5w-40 from owners of cars of different brands. Information collected on the impressions of motorists based on surveys. If you have experience of using KIX 5w-40, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Kixx G1 5w-40 (Кикс 5w-40), отзывы

Owner reviews of engine oil KIX 5w-40 (Kixx G1 5w-40)

Michael, Toyota Camry

Engine oil Kixx G1 5w-40 itself is not bad. But it has a very big drawback – terribly uncomfortable to fill. When you tilt the canister, it just pours huge portions. Besides, it’s too liquid.

In General, the engine was completely drenched. Well, on the plus side I can note a pretty good price. This is now very important, given the fact that I travel a lot, and consumables need to be changed often enough.

The engine runs flawlessly. Always starts the first time at any temperature. Even after a long downtime, you do not need to spend a lot of time to warm up the machine.

Oleg, Reno Duster

It’s time to change the oil, decided on the recommendation at this time to take synthetic Kixx g1 5w-40. Quite normal. Consumption is small, so change is not often necessary. Filters are not clogged with waste.

When disassembling the engine was in almost perfect condition, without any scale of iron and other waste accumulations.

The engine works always well and silently. The price is also all available. The only thing you need to buy it only in specialized stores, because the car market can come across a low-quality fake.

Valery, Kia Rio

Kiks G1 synthetic 5w 40 I think is quite decent. The machine rolled out a lot and is in operation often and for a long time. Long sought a normal oil to use was good and the price reasonable.

This option was one of the most acceptable. I traveled on this oil for six months and during this time I did not find any shortcomings. The engine runs silently. Starts without any problems and restrictions on temperature and downtime.

Over time, the oil darkens, but the engine does not leave any traces of oxidation. This only shows that it really cleans the engine. In General, the quality was satisfied.

Andrew, Kalina

The car I have an old, but still want her to extend life. Therefore, the chosen oil is more expensive, and it Kiks 5w 40. I thought it might stop stalling. My hopes were justified.

The engine started to start at any time I needed. Previously, stood for half an hour warmed up the car, now missing a few minutes. The engine works without any interruptions and does not make noise.

Only the only thing that pour oil so as not to spill, it is almost impossible. But this is not critical, you can come up with some convenient leechku.

Alex, Ford Focus

Not met Kixx 5w40 my expectations. Everyone praised him very much, but I’m not impressed at all. Maybe I got a fake. But the engine became much louder than LUKOIL.

To start the car, you need a long time to warm up. This is especially true of sub-zero temperature. In the winter makes no difference at all even in comparison with the usual mobilem.

In addition, when disassembling the engine saw a little scale. Yes, not as much as after the cheap oil, but still it was. I’ll try to buy another canister, but in a specialty store. Maybe it would be better.

Dmitry, Nissan Tiida

Oil Kixx 5w40 use for about two years. Advised me his good friend who worked in the showroom. The price for 4 liters of synthetic about 1200 rubles. This, I think, is acceptable for everyone. In quality I can say that I am satisfied with everything.

The engine works perfectly, almost never makes noise. Over time changes color on more dark. But that’s because the oil actually cleans the engine walls. In General, the price is fully consistent with the quality.

Especially happy in winter, when you do not need to wait half an hour to get the car started. I recommend Kixx G1 5w40 to all my friends who are in search of a quality product.

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