Reviews of oil Mobil1 0W-40

Mobil1 0W-40, отзывы

Here you can find the reviews of car owners about Mobil1 0W-40 engine oil on the real impressions of drivers. If you want to share your opinion about the synthetic oil mobile 1 0W40, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Mobil1 0W-40, отзывы

Real reviews of motor oil Mobil1 0W-40

Oleg, Lada Kalina

The car is old, LUKOIL began to act up a motor. Maybe it was a fake. But the result was disastrous. After a complete cleaning of the engine, it was necessary to change the oil. In the showroom advised motor oil Mobil1 0W-40.

I had heard about this brand before, so I decided to try it. Price of course not very pleased. Especially for my old lady, of course, it turned out expensive. But Tara took 5 liters.

For six months until now not used until the end of. Satisfied with everything, without exception. Excellent oil for those who really value the car.

Ruslan, Skoda Fabia

I use Mobil1 0W-40 synthetics for several years in a row. During this time, never wanted to change it. The flow is minimal. Topping up is almost not necessary. I change only as necessary, after a certain number of rolled km.

When pouring almost not bottled. If you pour through a special watering can, it is generally good. When parsing the engine can not see any traces of burning.

The engine starts perfectly in summer and in winter. There is no unpleasant smell of synthetics either. Its price is quite high, but the quality of the oil is also at a height.

Dmitry, Volkswagen Golf

Many people say that Mobil1 0W-40 is one of the best. Therefore, after listening to friends, and bought myself. I didn’t feel much excitement. In General, mobile has always been the average mark, and here and the price is unreasonably completed.

But that’s just my opinion, that is opinion is personal and subjective. Maybe one with him all was OK. But I the difference is not felt.

The engine noticed that some details were samakovlis. In addition, there were problems with the start, especially in winter. I did not like this oil. I’ll look for a replacement.

Edward, The Porsche Cayenne

Mobil1 0W-40, chose because of the price, went with giving money to a flush was on mobile, and now continue to fill it.

Igor, Brand

The car is very old, of course. But still it goes, tuned, and the oil should be changed anyway. Have friend a good car, remained a bit Mobil1 0W 40. Poured it into his engine. Never regretted it.

I couldn’t get started five times before. Now there are fewer problems. Acting up only after too long idle time or on a strong frost. But still the machine goes without any complaints. There’s no scale on the engine.

The oil changed color to brown, but it did not burn and did not become coal black. Consumption is simply minimal, which is very pleased, because the price of the canister is decent. In General, now I use only Mobile.

Peter, Ford Focus

Nove took a car from the dealership. There advised and oil – Mobil1 0W40. Filled it originally in the engine. The result of the selection is satisfied. The motor runs quietly, without any interruptions.

In winter, you do not need to warm up the engine. Just sit down and you can go right away. No unpleasant smell. Oil consumption is small, almost do not have to add. At the first check on the service STATION I was told that the engine looks like new.

No slag and traces of oxidation were found. The price is high enough, but if you take a canister of 5 liters, it is enough for a long time. This helps to save some money. I recommend this oil to all motorists.

Arthur, Skoda Octavia

Synthetics Mobil1 0W-40 can be called normal, but the delight of most I do not share. Before that was filled with Rosneft. Yes, there is a difference between them, but it is very small.

Maybe I got a fake, because in the showroom this oil is too expensive. I decided to save money and buy it in the car market. May have added something. When he poured oil, a lot of spilled. I do not have a watering can, and the one with which the can is equipped is very small and uncomfortable.

I don’t know who, but my oil consumption was just crazy. I added a lot, so it ended quickly. In General, regretted the money thrown away. I do not know, maybe for the purity of the experiment will try to take now in the showroom, see what happens. Maybe not him.

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