Reviews of oil Mobil1 x1 5W30

This section presents the reviews of car owners about Mobil 1 x1 5W-30 engine oil. The selection is based on the real experience of car owners of different brands. If you want to share your opinion about the synthetics of mobile 1 5w30, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Mobil1 х1 5W-30, отзывы

Real reviews of motor oil Mobil1 x1 5W-30 (mobile 1 5w30)

Tom, Ford Focus

Fill in your car engine oil Mobil1 x1 5W-30 for several years in a row. Some will say that it is not worth it, because the price is high enough. But those who take care of your car, I want to advise you never to save on consumables.

Over the past year 2 never regretted spent on mobile money. Just need to buy it in specialized stores, because the market will definitely pour some crap.

The butter’s great. The engine is clean, works without interruption. Starts always immediately. Consumption is not too high, so a large canister is enough for a long time. Satisfied with absolutely all the characteristics.

Denis, Nissan Qashqai

It’s time to change the oil. Turned to the showroom, where I was advised Mobil1 5W-30. It and decided to try it, though at first I was a little freaked out. But it was a pity the engine and nerves, so there was no way out.

But such a hopelessness has led to the fact that now I do not change the Mobile never. The engine was much quieter than before. The flow is just minimal, so you have to top up very rarely.

I change the oil completely only after a well-defined mileage. It, of course, changes color, but it is not a smoke for sure. In my opinion, the darkening suggests that the oil works as it should. Disadvantages for myself no not yet noted.

Evgeny, Volkswagen

I Мобил1 x 1 5W 30, unfortunately, did not fit. Oil is not bad in itself. I know from personal experience, since I tried it on the Skoda. But for the Germans it was not a panacea.

Engine performance is almost not affected. With the plant in sub-zero temperature or after downtime there were problems. Yes, the car did not stall on the way, but started hard enough.

Began to appear unpleasant smell of burning. And the flow was mad that I had to go to LUKOIL, because money does not reach.

Roman, Mazda

X1 Mobil1 synthetic 5W-30 I was pleasantly pleased. Their advantages can be noted convenient canister, which has a special spout to make it easier to pour. The oil is quite runny, so a little spill, but it is possible and to this prilovchilis.

Perhaps this is one of the best options. The engine works without any problems. Almost stopped making noise. Oil consumption is small compared to others. This is very good, because you do not need to constantly think about when topping up.

No traces of oxidation were found during the engine analysis. The only drawback, perhaps, is a fairly high price. But it justifies the quality of the goods.

Ruslan, Volkswagen Beetle

When it came time to change the oil, a friend advised Mobil1 x1 5W-30. I followed the advice and bought a whole big canister. Yes, oil is a good all round performance. But not for my car.

Only later time I found information that for my brand of the car the mobile in General does not approach in any way. Consumption is large, and the effect is simply no.

Used by LUKOIL, the particular complaints about the operation of the engine was not. Only with the appearance of noise decided to change the oil. But a bit miscalculated.

Andrew, Skoda Fabia

Synthetic oil mobile 1 5W-30 is very pleased. I bought it in the cabin with the car. It was my first consumables. But for the past 3 years, I remain loyal to Mobil. Yes, its price is high. But for this quality you can pay more.

If you want that with the engine there were no problems, never save on oil. Always take from trusted sellers, not in the car market. There for a lot of money in canisters Mobil Rosneft just kind of pour or even diluted with water.

In General, the engine works without any problems. Never stalls, even in the cold. Signs of intoxication on visible parts not found. Enough for a long time. I recommend everyone to try, just before that make sure that the oil is suitable for your car brand.

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