Reviews of oil Rosneft Maximum 10w-40

Роснефть Maximum 10w-40, отзывы

There are reviews of car owners about Rosneft Maximum 10w-40 engine oil in this section. Information collected on the real experiences of motorists. If you have experience in the use of Rosneft Max 10w 40, share it with the rest, and send your feedback via the comments form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Роснефть Maximum 10w-40, отзывы

Real reviews of motor oil Rosneft Maximum 10w-40

Oleg, Renault Clio

After the acquisition of a new machine and its running-in, when it came time to replace the oil, my attention was attracted by the semisynthetics of Rosneft Maximum SAE 10W-40.

The oil is good for the engine. Suitable for cars that drive both gasoline and diesel – checked himself. Works fine in heat and cold to -30.

What else I noticed. Rosneft has a low degree of evaporation, as a result, its consumption is saved. The advantage can be called constant pressure. Deficiencies have not yet discovered. I advise you to try.

Alexey, VAZ 2111

I use motor oil Rosneft Maximum 10W40 for a very long time. For the price it suits me as well as possible. Available to almost everyone. The quality, of course, is average.

Cannot be say, that mismanaged better Mobile or LUKOIL, but at least is leading themselves on decent level. The motor starts normally. Consumption of the oil is not too large, because it evaporates slowly.

Traces of fumes as such is not visible. It was only in a few places oxidation, but only slightly. Engine operation is normal, it is almost no noise. The car rides smooth and starts almost always on the first try.

Vasily, Kalina

Since the machine is old, and throw a lot of money on lubrication do not see much point. Therefore, I chose for myself a cheap oil for my group Rosneft 10W 40. Choose your completely satisfied.

The engine is a little buggy, but this problem has appeared not from bad oil, but simply from old age. I do not think that a more expensive option can completely return the engine to its normal state.

In the cold and after an outage, all as is necessary in the beginning to warm up. But the launch turns out to be quite smooth, without any jerks. While driving the engine is almost never stalls. At the last disassembly of the engine found some oxidized parts, but again, I don’t think the oil problem.

O. V., Nissan

Recently still decided to buy semi-synthetic oil Rosneft SAE 10W-40. Well, what to say about its quality? It’s nothing. Maybe I got some kind of fake, but I think that this could not happen because they took the canister from a trusted seller.

The price is low, but the quality, respectively, too. Very upset with this acquisition. The expense is simply enormous. Refilled every other day. Ugorayu very much, sometimes the smoke appears.

I went to the service STATION to check the engine, because there were some problems at the start. They said he almost got killed with oil. I would not recommend Rosneft to anyone.

Valery, Skoda Octavia

Rosneft Maximum 10W 40 is a pretty normal option for those who want to save. The quality is average. It is impossible to say anything bad, but to compare it with oils of the highest class is also incorrect.

Engine on it works absolutely normally. I didn’t make any less noise, but it didn’t get any worse either. Consumption is normal, as by my calculations. I don’t add it too often. Once a month completely drain to wash everything.

On visible parts of the engine oxidation have not yet seen, different slags and deposits also did not notice. For the price it is a normal option.

Vladimir, Ford Focus

Rosneft oil 10W-40 decided to use for the first time. Until this was pouring only mobile. But this time there was no choice, and the oil needed to fill. I cannot say that I noticed any significant differences. Only in price.

Rosneft turned out to be much cheaper, and the quality turned out to be almost at the same level. The engine starts without any problems in any weather. Simple also is not terrible, for a long time to warm up before the start is not necessary.

The engine runs silently. So far, everything is fine. When viewed in a HUNDRED and the condition of the engine was assessed as satisfactory, so now do not see any sense to overpay for the mobile, if the result the result is the same.

Ruslan, Opel Astra

Quite satisfied with the quality of Rosneft engine oil Maximum 10W-40. And the price just can not but rejoice. Yes, its consumption is slightly higher than some others. But you can buy it more often.

The engine starts well, almost never stalls. Subzero temperatures him, too, not afraid of. Much noise when driving not marked.

No unpleasant smell of synthetics, too, yet. If the car is middle class or old, I do not see absolutely no sense to overpay.

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