Reviews of oil ZIC X7 FE 0W-30

ZIC X7 FE 0W-30, отзывы

Here you can find real reviews of Korean engine oil ZIC X7 FE 0W-30 from owners of cars of different brands. If you have experience using ZIC 0W-30, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

ZIC X7 FE 0W-30, отзывы

Owner reviews of motor oil ZIC X7 FE 0W-30

Oleg, Kia Rio

In its price range synthetic motor oil ZIC X7 FE 0W-30 personally for me has many advantages. Pour it fairly easy, since the container convenient and normal watering pot. Of course, not without the fact that something spills, but mostly the Bay is normal.

The engine works well. Starts without any problems at any time of the year and at any temperature. Even after a long downtime, the engine started immediately.

Oil consumption is not too high, and gasoline, like, too, began to leave less. Yet everyone is happy.

Valery, 39 years old, Opel Astra z18xer

Very often met with such problem, as wear engine. Previously, I went by car rental, so after buying a new car I decided to read reviews about all engine oils. Used to have a lot of choices some in fact are commendable.

But there was also a real **… After many trials decided to pour synthetic ZIC x7 from the model range FE 0-30. The property is part liquid and even after a run of about ten thousand kilometers retains its original quality.

And that takes about a year, I change the oil on new. After draining was surprised, it remained the same transparent and without burning.

Andrew, Honda

I was unlucky, I guess. Got a fake or maybe the oil is not too high quality. Problems appeared initially. Couldn’t pour, poured a lot on the engine.

It’s too fluid and doesn’t wipe well. Spent a lot of time on it. The Gulf Zeke 0W-30, no special changes after LUKOIL not observed. At the price it is a little cheaper, but the quality did not please me.

The engine made almost the same noise. Ah, truth, wound up immediately. But when disassembling were still visible traces of oxidation.

If you buy oil on the car market, you can stumble upon a fake, which is likely to happen to me. Probably should take in a specialty store, maybe everything will be a little better.

Maxim, Hyundai i30

Me oil Zic X7 FE 0W30 well suits. I use it for several years. While not going to change. Cans are comfortable. Only pour without loss of fluid need prilovchitsya.

The engine runs well, without too much noise. Starts quickly enough. I like that in winter you do not need to stand for half an hour and warm up the car.

When disassembling on the engine scale was not, but the oil darkened. In my understanding, this means that it really cleanses and absorbs all the muck. For the price, great butter.

Alexey, Honda

Medium quality oil, which at the price fully meets its quality characteristics. Yes, I will not argue that the synthetic ZIC X7 FE 0W 30 works fine, no matter how much the machine is not in operation.

But there are disadvantages too. Pour me personally uncomfortable. Then, by the way, poorly washed and the engine and hands. But there are no big complaints about the work. The engine runs silently.

The only thing that starts still not immediately. Need a little warm up the car before the trip. But traces of scale and other deposits on the walls of the engine, I did not notice. So while stopped on this variant.

Sergey, Ford Focus

I am pleased with the quality of the oil Zeke H7 Fe 0V-30. Cans like most other consumables of this price category. The quality is quite decent. But here you need to beware of fakes.

You should buy only in a specialty store, because in the automotive market often for the same money just offer a fake. Of course, then there are negative reviews.

It seems to me that the negative can only cause poor-quality product. Original oil does not spoil the engine. Makes its operation easier and noiseless. While I am satisfied with this option, so in the near future it makes no sense to even look for something new.

Leonid, Kalina

For my old lady recently chose a fairly budget version of the engine synthetic oil ZIC X7 FE 0W-30. The result is more than satisfied.

Because the old engine had a long time to warm up. The car did not start immediately. It sounded like the car was about to fall apart. A friend suggested this oil, I decided to try.

I will not say that all the problems have been eliminated. The engine began to work without interruption and less noisy. But a little noise still remained. It starts as soon as not, but much faster than before.

In the analysis of traces of oxidation, I did not reveal, and therefore opted for the ZIC X7 FE 0W-30. for old cars, in my opinion, a great option. The result is normal and the cost can not please.

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