Reviews of Shell Helix

Shell Helix (Шелл Хеликс)

Here you will find reviews of car owners about shell helix motor oil of different modifications from the Anglo-Dutch concern Shell Helix. The selection is based on the real impressions of car owners of different brands in accordance with the surveys. If you want to share your own opinion, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Shell Helix (Шелл Хеликс)

Reviews of motor oil Shell Helix (shell helix)


My Mazda mileage 60 000 km on the inspection of filled Shell Helix Ultra 5w40. And it seems in vain – the engine began to warm up faster and stronger, the oil pressure is unstable, the hydraulic compensators knock, and the car just does not want to go, trudges through the force.

And with the gas mileage problem — 95th on the half a km took 15 liters per hundred – about 28. although to fill shell / 100 km in the city, the actual consumption was 10, and on the highway – not more than 6 l the oil Itself smells of burning, the smell of something similar to the way from briquetted coal.

The conclusion suggests itself — or tin oil, or lucky enough to run into a fake. But decided just to change, not to torture the car.

Alex, Kia Rio

I use shell for the third year, I have Kia Rio. Quite quickly noticed that they no longer burn, also did not Koptseva exhaust and suspicious, strange sounds, and the engine consistently almost clean.

As the market a lot of «Palenque», always buy only oil official, even with the overpayment, but will fill and go quietly! The car always started well, even in winter.

There was one case that suffered, but then the blame was a dead battery. And I want to remind everyone that there was a helix does not happen in dvadtsatimetrovy, it is an obvious bullshit!


For a long time I use this oil and did not know the problems with the car, but recently something happened to him. Heard opinion, that this began after, as began to produce in Russia. I have a friend who sells lubricants, and I can’t believe him.

So he claims that 20 -30 percent is a real quality, and the rest, that is, most of it is a real fake. Itself-the German oil and before problems was not. After pouring over time, it, of course, darkened, but the service life, normal.

And natural oil, in my opinion, is excellent, the quality of additives and their composition is at a good level. And very convenient when using the measuring ruler on the handle of the canister.

Constantine, Infiniti

Shell helix Ultra began to use a long time ago, the car works fine, fuel consumption is normal, the old oil went much more, now the consumption is reduced.


Shell Helix is a wonderful oil. Many of my friends pour it, although now a lot of great compositions with the same characteristics. I myself do everything on the book, my engine is recommended GM Dexos.

Vitaly, Subaru Forester.

I turbirovanie Subaru and, as it turned out, oil was helix racing cars fits just perfect. How many years will use fully synthetic, flow did not notice and it virtually no!

The price, of course is high, but not sky-high, and as they say — stingy pays twice. Or you give a good amount for good oil, or you save, buy cheap, but then one day you knock the engine and have to sort it out, and it will rise even in that amount.

I can say that Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60 suits me in all respects.

Leonid, Mazda, Ultra 5W40.

For the sixth year of not riding due to motor oil Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 synthetic 4л.. Don’t believe in miracles, but this oil is almost a miracle after using it in the engine and no noise.

Over the years, I have never had to use the detergent, and after changing the oil its consistency is almost unchanged. And it is quite affordable, so I recommend it!

Ivan Petrovich

My Toyota ran on Shell Helix for about 10 years, and I have the opportunity to compare what it was before and what it is now. Somewhere before 2012 there were no claims at all, everything is fine.

And suddenly it seemed to be replaced, sometimes there is a suspicion that it evaporates, it is necessary to add almost a liter for every 5 thousand km, and before it was 100-150 grams. Plus the canister has become a miserable, very uncomfortable, no seals that protect against fakes, somewhere gone dispenser and proboscis for easy filling.

The oil itself, too, if previously produced in Finland, it is now indicated that in Germany. This fact leads to unpleasant reflections, as clearly slips suspicious coincidence with the launch of the shell plant in Russia.

Some say that if the car «eats» oil — it’s all because of the engine, but for some reason such problems arose after 11-12 years. By the way the engine is all OK, checked not once. But even after the planned bulkhead improvements no.

For the sake of interest recently filled it with Castrol 5W30, for 5 000 km and adding another was not required, although the level a bit and sneila. This led to the conclusion that Shell Helix will not buy anymore.

Vladimir, Shell Helix 10w-40

Driving almost 300 thousand miles no problems know. Quality cleaning at height, the cost of 20-25 thousand km – no more than 500-600 grams. Darken oil gradually begins with 500 km run, not before. I the engine still did not look, even cover not opened, not to mention the replacement or repair.

I read that some say about the fumes, but I think that it is not the fault of shell, you just need a higher viscosity oil. And even better – recommended by the manufacturer.


If you buy Shell Helix in Europe, you can expect normal quality, but here it is significantly different, and not for the better, although it is written that the German. In the cold it becomes too thick and you have to add in large quantities.

But the detergent additives in it are absolutely useless, their presence has a positive effect on some properties, but will sharply spoil others, and this is not good and therefore affects the operation of the ice.

Until replacement of about 2,500 km, and the refilling went second liter — that’s you and cleaning properties. And the price of this oil, taking into account all the problems unreasonably high.


I think that all the characteristics of the Shell Helix almost no worse than the same LIQUI Moth, and for a long time I use only the oil Was – it is perfect for all brands of ice, not counting diesel.

What I personally immediately liked in the Shell — the presence of additives for all occasions. They really increase the life of the motor system, significantly save fuel consumption, help the elements to remain clean, eliminating the left deposits, at least as arising during operation.

Still feel very comfortable drawing the hour graduation on the canister – pour one to one and not to the eye.


Personally, I started using this oil when buying a car on the advice of a friend. There are no complaints, the car feels great,so I do not plan to move to anything else yet.


My brother is a mechanic by profession, and to the choice of suitable oils are very responsible, especially for my car. Stopped at Shell Hellix ultra / 5W-40, synthetics. I can immediately say that it is in different stores is not the same: somewhere 1500, and somewhere around 2000 rubles.

Here are some of the advantages: low flow, easy start at low temperatures, fast feed, low friction, the possibility of using with catalysts and turbocharging and many other useful things.


Seven years old Lew shell helix ultra 5w40. To 100000км mileage topped up 200g on 10000тк. Then on the rise. Between 140t km and 150t km topped up 2l. When changing the oil washed and filled keratek.

The oil consumption dropped to 800g per 10,000 tcm. The engine became quieter and softer. In June, the tank filled with 300g of alcohol and the motor whispered. Consumption fell by about 1 liter.

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