Reviews of Toyota oil

Отзывы о моторном масле Toyota

This section presents the reviews of car owners about Toyota motor oil. The selection is based on the real experience of car owners of different brands in accordance with the surveys. If you want to share your opinion, send feedback via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Отзывы о моторном масле Toyota

Toyota motor oil reviews

Alexander, Ford Torneo

All the oil paraphernalia, sharpened by the auto manufacturer, is created on the same production, where producing popular oils, like Castrol, shell, Mobil. This is a qualitatively made move of marketers, for which you need to pay money.

Here, only different packaging. My advice is to buy good quality synthetics and drive. The main thing that it was not fake.

Michael, Camry

I have a question, and somebody asked what kind of oil poured into the original container? Himself drowning my SRS. I do not see the difference from the brand composition. I recommend it.

Alex, Toyota Auris

In my «swallow» splashing Toyota 5W-30 Fuel Economy constantly. Packagings of five liters I think a great option to have, as they say, everything is enough.

Behind the machine it is noticed that it has no problems with starting in the off-season and in winter. It is worth noting that the lubricant can also save fuel consumption.

Konstantin, Toyota Camry

I use grease in a metal can for a couple of years. Particular deficiencies were noted, if only a small change interval (but I think, due to the fact that I use mineral water). From serious advantages it is possible to allocate cost, it very acceptable.

Vlad, Toyota Camry

Fill Toyota oil for 2.5 years, it has never let me down. I used different compositions, they did not impress me – too light smoke from the exhaust. On Toyota the car has changed its behavior and the nature of management, especially noticeable in the noise characteristics – the car goes much quieter.

Sergey, Toyota Crown Premium

In my use — an old machine, 2001. Initially filled in only this lubrication, then moved to another part of the (mobile). Did not notice any quality difference, and the cost vary.

As far as I remember, both mixtures are produced in the same manufacturing sector, why is the price so significantly different? I’m confused.

Dmitry, Toyota LC

The oil is intended for similar vehicles and is applicable both off-road and on high-speed highways. During his chauffeur’s life a lot of tried different oils, but the five-year trust only Toyota.

Michael, Toyota Ipsum

The oil is amazing. It is not the first year I use this composition in my car. Lubricant quality, the brand does its job. I don’t remember the best line-up I’ve ever used in my life.

Vova, Toyota Auris

Almost all my friends use Toyota oil, referring to high-quality characteristics. Decided to check on their own experience – the engine seriously began to work better.


The manufacturer does not recommend a bad composition. At the beginning of his driving experience he chased well-known brands of oils, such as mobile, shell and similar analogues. Poured a semi — synthetic first, and in VAZ cars then Toyota.

After a major overhaul on some mechanisms of the engine is started to receive the plaque. This contributed to forgery (alas, did not escape this fate). Then include the brain – and started to use the compositions of Japan, and eventually found its semi-synthetic oil, which I use to this day.

Yuros, Toyota Dyna

For its machines try to choose only high-quality and original consumables. Faced once with Toyota oil, acquired only synthetics. The interval between substitutions, as a rule, reduced, fearing the development of useful properties.

Since I like to experiment, I ordered a universal Toyota oil in the dealership store. And here is the oil in my hands – for 4500 rubles for two cans of 4 liters. At first glance, some characters, and was surprised that the grease was a mineral origin.

Although I have always believed that mineral water is not very clean composition. The first impression – not liked, too fluid. The mass was cloudy, and in contact with the hands felt the presence of some particles.

But after pouring into the engine, the unpleasant noise of ringing compensators disappeared, and after a few tens of kilometers everything returned to normal. Then the noise increased, it became terrible not only for car but also for himself. Back home changed the oil already checked.

As a conclusion I want to say, compounds of mineral origin — in Africa and they are the same. Therefore, I do not recommend to use.

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