Reviews on oil Kixx G1 5W-50 API SN/CF

Kixx G1 5w-50, отзывы

Real reviews of synthetic engine oil Kixx G1 5w50 API SN/CF Fully Synthetic Korean production from car owners of different brands. If you have experience with 5w50 CIX, share it with others by sending feedback via the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Kixx G1 5w-50, отзывы

Owner reviews of engine oil Kixx G1 5W-50 API SN/CF

Alexander, Toyota Yaris iA

On the recommendation of a friend, he is a mechanic, I switched to oil Kixx G1 5w-50. A friend said that for the price of this oil is the best and lives up to all its positive characteristics.

More than once I was convinced of the quality of this manufacturer, so without fear and bought this oil, although, of course, feared that I might run into a fake. However, I was lucky, everything is normal, went to his Toyota 7000 km. Used to use a more expensive analogue, but did not notice the fundamental differences.

Ivan, Lada Priora

I have long wanted to change the oil, I saw a commercial Kiks 5w50, I read on the Internet features, I liked everything. In the winter the car starts great even at -20 below zero. I concluded that the oil kixx 5w50 copes with the stated functions. The price also suits me.

Stanislav, VAZ 2017

After another increase in gasoline prices began to look for budget options consumables with normal qualities. I was advised to KIXX G1 5w50 API SN/CF full synthetics.

Just want to note that before filling, I do not even wash the car engine, as the viscosity class corresponds to my previous one.

I noticed that the sound decreased slightly while the engine was running. Those who are in the same situation, also do not advise to wash it, because it can spoil the car because of the reaction of additives. Oil kixx 5w50 use for a long time, the work is satisfied, as the price.

Michael, Chevrolet Spark

Something so praised by the kiks that I wanted to tell you all that I think about it. In the store I liked, the price wave was satisfied, I decided to check on the matter. By the way, the car I have a middle class.

I would not say that the properties are somehow different for the better from other oils, but you have to change very often. It gets dark very quickly.

I also want to note that after two months of using the probe went dark. A few pluses – the price and availability. And properties – one continuous minus.

Valentina, Ford Mondeo

I am a student, my parents gave me a car, immediately the question arose – what oil to use? At the price I was most attracted to the oil KIX 5w50, besides a friend uses this and does not complain.

In General, I like it quite well, it justifies expectations, I did not notice any principal disadvantages. The engine works fine, no noise, I do not change often. I advise those who can not afford expensive oil, as the quality of it is not inferior to expensive.

Dmitry, Ford Fiesta

Bought Korean synthetics KIXX 5w50 for his car. Most attracted, of course, the price. After using decided that this is my first and last experience of using it.

It has to be changed often, and the engine has not improved, but on the contrary, everything has only gotten worse. He began to make noise, and the pedals are pressed a little slow. Well, the other and should not have expected from such a cheap oil. I do not advise anyone to contact.

Igor, Hundai Accent

It’s time to save on something. I decided to start with car oil, and instead of my usual (before that was shell) chose KIXX G1 5w-50 API SN/CF.

After the first filling was quite satisfied – with a significant difference in price in quality of the difference is not noticed. I still only use it. The car I have a medium size, everything works fine.

Leonid, Renault Logan

I would like to share my opinion about kixx 5w50 oil. In my experience, I can say that of all the other oils that I came across, this is the best. The quality is excellent, the engine works with a Bang, the smell of fumes do not feel.

I see no reason to buy expensive oils, when there are such good analogues that meet the standards of modernity. Pleased with the availability – you can find the KIX in almost any store. The quality is not inferior to other analogues, and at a price most it.

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