Reviews on oil Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40

Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40, отзывы

This page contains reviews from car owners about mitasu Moly-Trim SM 5W40 SYNTHETIC oil made in Japan, as well as real impressions of car drivers of different brands. If you have something to say about the oil Mitasu Moli Trimmer SM 5W40, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40, отзывы

Synthetic Mitasu Moly-trimer SM 5W-40 100% synthetic

Michael, Reno

My car is not new, after one owner. So if you experience problems with the engine blamed it all on old age. But on HUNDRED told that all problems from-for low-quality oil.

Advised to fill synthetic Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40. I took him. I took it at the store, so I’m sure it’s not fake. What I want to say at the end… the oil is normal for its price range.

The engine started to run more smoothly. No extraneous sounds. Starts fine. Even in the winter, not warming up the car for a long time. There are no claims to lubrication.

Dmitry, Toyota Camry

Many drivers praised motor oil Mitasu Mole of Trimer 5W-40. But I have on him own view, and far not positive. The quality of the oil completely dissatisfied.

It is very liquid, so pour it normally, so that nothing is spilled, it is almost impossible. After a short run began to notice the appearance of some unpleasant smell while driving. It turned out that the oil burns out quickly and consumption is just crazy.

In addition, no improvements about the engine, I also did not notice. In General, it is no different from the usual LUKOIL or the same cheap Mobile.

Artem, Volkswagen Golf

We had to change the consumables, I decided immediately and the engine oil also replaced. The store said that now one of the best Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40. But I was not warned that it is not suitable for all brands of cars.

When I poured it in, I didn’t notice any visible changes. I thought it was a fake at first. Then he calmed down and rummaged on the Internet. There have found that VWs such consumables generally not suitable.

Gave to a friend. He filled in in Harmony and it all went perfectly. The engine starts without problems and immediately. No foreign smell. The engine runs quietly and without interruption.

Alexey, Lada Kalina

Someone will say that for a car of this class Mitasu Moli-Trimer SM 5W40 is too expensive. But I do not agree with this opinion. Anyone who loves his car and wants it to live longer, I recommend this engine oil.

The main thing – to buy everything in specialized stores to have at least some guarantee of quality. Pour need prilovchitsya. It is better to have a special little watering pot, as one that is in the canister, not too convenient to use.

Regarding the operation of the engine can only say positive. The engine runs smoothly and quietly. No defects noted absolutely no.

Roman, Opel

For my Opel Mitasu Moly-Trimer SM 5W-40 of course is a good thing, but it is not so cheap. Not everyone can afford it. And the consumption for each machine is different, so it is almost impossible to determine how much you need to spend on engine oil.

I can not say that after LUKOIL noticed some strong changes, but still did not get worse. The engine is working fine. Starts immediately. It hasn’t stopped on the road yet.

In principle, everything is normal. But you can choose the cheaper option. Even the same mobile. Although many say, that he kills engine.

Igor, Brand

Since the machine is old, we decided to choose a bit of better butter. Used to fill all the time mobile, but the engine was very junk. A friend advised the synthetic Mitasu SM 5W-40. Seeing the price, I hesitated, but decided to take the canister. About this decision never regretted.

Oil is enough for a long time, because its consumption is minimal. Almost did not have to top up. Only after a certain number of km you need to change, because the oil changes the color to brown. But this is good, because it is a sign that the engine is still being cleaned.

In the analysis of traces of oxidation did not find. Starts the car immediately. After a period of rest in winter. Quality meets price.

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