Selection and replacement of automatic transmission oil filter

The automatic device of switching of speeds of the car (a transmission) – the difficult versatile mechanism with a large number of the knots contacting among themselves and separate details. A lubrication system is provided in the box structure to protect the rubbing components. Cleaning of this hydraulic system from the products of wear and other mechanical contaminants performs oil filter automatic transmission.

oil filter automatic transmission

Types of oil filters

In the process of intensive operation of the vehicle in the gearbox under the influence of friction forces in the hydraulic fluid accumulate metal inclusions, which in varying degrees affect the rubber seals, solenoids, etc.

The presence in the lubricating system of filters allows you to contamination beyond the boundaries of the workspace and extend the life of the powertrain Assembly.

Filter elements relative to the body of the device can be located both inside and outside. External filters are analogues of oil devices that are installed in the engine lubrication system.

The inner ones are located in the case of the box and their design depends on the brand of the car, the model of the installed mechanism and the material from which the filter is made.

Initially, the structure of the oil filter consisted of a housing made of aluminum alloy and fine metal mesh. They were produced collapsible. The main advantage of such elements was the convenience of their maintenance.

It was necessary to dismantle the part, open the body, and wash the mesh gasket. Such devices are still used in some models of SUVs and Japanese pickups.

automatic transmission oil Filters

In modern cars for maintenance of the hydraulic system automatic transmission used non-separable Autonomous mechanisms, which, if necessary, replaced by new, without any additional operations to restore the working functions of the device.

The service life of the devices is equal to the service interval of the gearbox and must be replaced together with the used transmission oil.

With the development of automotive technology there is a need for the development and application of new materials and equipment. The result of such developments were single-and double-layer felt filters, which are more effective in cleaning emulsions of heterogeneous suspensions and friction products.

single Layer filter with felt diaphragm

The need for the use of felt membranes appeared simultaneously with the beginning of the use of new types of solenoids and frictions in the designs of automatic transmission, for the lubrication of which a special synthetic oil with strict operational requirements was required.

automatic transmission Filter

For purification of liquids began to use the diaphragm, made of pure felt with thickness 1.8–2.0 mm. a Feature of such elements is their ability to hold the adhesive substance formed as a result of excessive wear of the friction.

The service life of the products is 50000-100000 km or every second THAT is associated with the change of transmission oil in the box.

double Layer felt filter

With the advent of the automatic transmission ZF5HP19, designed for powerful four-liter engines, where the work of the torque Converter was accompanied by increased wear of the clutch – liquid filtration single-layer filter was not enough.

In the design of the automatic transmission began to install two-layer membranes or filters of the accordion, which coped better with a large volume of inclusions.

How to change automatic transmission filter

When passing through the first layer of oil in the felt layer was delayed pollution of larger fractions. As the purification, the liquid seeped into the second membrane, where the final filtration took place, getting rid of small suspensions and adhesive emulsions.

All this cleansed the oil well, but increased the density of the filter due to accumulated dirt. This disadvantage, late replacement of the diaphragm, may cause failure of the entire drivetrain, especially in winter.

The cold thick liquid is not able to seep through the dense felt with the speed that is needed to create a dense lubricating film, and the box works for some time in conditions of oil starvation. Therefore, the operating time of the filter in winter is reduced by almost half the prescribed period.

Replacing the filter in automatic transmission

Reasons for replacing the filter element:

  1. When setting the shift lever to «D» mode (drive, drive), there is no characteristic push and the car remains in place.
  2. At the beginning of the movement – the box slips, the car starts jerking.
  3. In the process of difficult drive transmission: transmission delays are included, the car moves smoothly.

If you plan to replace the filter with your own hands, before starting work you need to carefully read the operating instructions of the car. First of all, it is necessary to determine where the mechanism is located.

Replace automatic transmission filter

On older models, it can be located outside the case of the box, then, in the presence of a special tool, the replacement process is not particularly difficult.

A little worse is when the filter is installed inside the casing, at the bottom of the automatic transmission. In this case, you should remove the pallet unit, and replace the old mechanism with a new one.

It is not possible to replace the oil filter independently when it is located in the middle part of the device between the torque Converter and the planetary gear compartment. In this situation, you need to visit the service station and use the services of professionals.

When planning maintenance or repair of automatic transmission it is necessary to remember that the required result can be obtained only in the case of the use of original spare parts provided for a specific modification of the device.

Do not try to save and install parts from «famous» Chinese manufacturers. This approach to maintenance can lead to more serious breakdowns and costly repair of the transmission.

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