Special Tec AA Liqui Moly Engine Oil

A representative of the Liqui Moly Special Tec AA line, specifically Liqui Moly Special Tec AA, is a premium liquid for lubricating elements of DVS, which is classified as all-season. That is, produced with the expectation of application throughout the year in vehicles produced in Asia and the Americas. Characterized by high anti-friction properties.

Motor Oil Special Tec AA Liqui Moly, Special Tech AA Likvi Moli

Special Tec AA Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Basic oils, created by synthesizing technology with the addition of a package of specialized additives, allow to achieve excellent durability, low oil and fuel consumption, timely to serve the lubricant element to workers detail and keep the engine clean. The oil was created to work at intervals of up to 40,000. km, as long as it does not contradict the automaker’s instructions.

Properties, tolerances and specifications

The Liqui Moly Special Tec AA engine oil can be described as positive:

  • Increases the resources of the DVS;
  • Creates the right pressure in the lubricant system in a wide range of revs;
  • Reduces exhausts and fuel consumption;
  • It can be used for turbocharged motors and engines with catalysts;
  • Provides a soft powertrain;
  • It is resistant to oxidative effects;
  • Cleans the engine of work products;

He holds certificates of compliance with ILS AC GF 5, API SN and Ford specifications (Ford), Daihatsu (Daihatsu), Hyundai (Hyundai), Subaru (Subaru), Chrysler (Chrysler), GM, Honda (Honda), Kia (Kia), Mazda (Mazda), Nissan (Nissan), Isuzu (Isuzu), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) Mitsubishi), Suzuki (Suzuki), Toyota ( Toyota). Impressive list, isn’t it?

The oil is built on the basis of HC-synthetics and belongs to the energy-saving class, due to the viscous class 0W20, and good low-temperature properties, it can be used for Honda cars and hybrid Toyota engines.

Physics and chemical properties and application

The oil has the following characteristics:

  1. Flash in the open crucible (0C) — 230;
  2. Elm class — 0W20;
  3. Lye — 6.6;
  4. Elm (100 0C) — 8.5 mm sq/s;
  5. Density (15 0C) — 0.850 kg/m cube;
  6. Freezing at (0C) -48;
  7. Viscosity (40 0C) — 45.3 mm sq/s;

In terms of use, the Liqui Moly Special Tec AA engine oil can be used for DVS, which function on both diesel and gasoline, based on production recommendations. Particularly recommended for modern cars such as «American» and «Japanese» equipped with gasoline engines. Focused on working over a long period of time, taking into account the high requirements.

In addition to the 0W20 viscosity class, 5W20/30 and 10W30 are also offered to the buyer.

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