Special Tec F Liqui Moly

Special Tec F belongs to the category of specialized oils developed under certain specifications and tolerances. It can be used for cars with diesel or gasoline powertrains, including models with automatic adjustment of gas distribution phases, compatible with turbines, intercoolers and soaze filters such as DPF.

There is also a long-term work between replacements. The formula is built on the HC-base and contributes to the excellent cleaning of the DVS from the heat and other products of its work, provides a very high protection of the engine from wear.

Special Tec F motor oil review by Liqui Moly

Special Tec F Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Properties, matches and tolerances

In favor of Special Tec F from Liqui Moly say the following points:

  • Reducing harmful emissions and fuel consumption;
  • Long-term preservation of work properties;
  • Compatibility with catalytic converters and turbocharger systems;
  • The rapid flow of lubricant to the details at low temperatures;
  • The lubricant is provided at the highest level;
  • Keeping the engine clean;

The product has tolerances from Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford. It is certified by ACEA A5/B5. In addition to these, it can be applied to other vehicles that require the same specifications, which include Mazda, Citroen, Fiat. At the same time, the oil, with increased maintenance, is not suitable for VW Group cars.

Physics and chemical properties

The characteristics of the composition can be described by the following numbers:

  1. Elm index — 173;
  2. Density (15 0C) — 0.860 g/cm cube;
  3. Freezing temperature (0C): -45;
  4. Lyalcin — 10.3 mg CON/g;
  5. Elm class — 5W30;
  6. Elm (40 0C) — 53 mm sq/s;
  7. Visage (-30 0C) — less than 6600 mPas;
  8. Colour — L 3.5;
  9. Flash in the open crucible (0C) — 220;
  10. Evaporability (%) — 15;
  11. Ash — 1.15 g/100 g;
  12. HTHS — 2.9-3.5;
  13. Viscous (100 0C) — 9.8 mm sq/s;

Suitable for any cars that need to meet these requirements. Recommended for Ford a/m starting in 2009. The product is characterized by inverse compatibility, which makes it possible to apply it for Ford models of the early years of production, namely from July 1998, and in addition to other brands mentioned above.

The properties of the Special Tec F Lquivi Moli motor oil can only be fully provided if it is used unmixed with other types of lubricants. It is necessary to carefully study the requirements of the manufacturer of a particular car.

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