Special Tec V Liqui Moly Engine Oil

The characteristics of the special Tec V Liqui Moly engine oil are much similar to the AA class. Is all-season, manufactured by fusion technology, well demonstrated in the protection of the motor from sediment, in the ability to reduce engine wear, thereby prolonging its «life», has an excellent resistance to oxidation. It is recommended for modern powertrains, with such technical «chips» as turbocharged with intercooler, system of regulation of the height of lifting valves and phases of GRM, soaze filters. Of course, it also applies in the absence of this equipment.

Special Tec V Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Special Tec V Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Properties, specifications and tolerances

The lubricating liquid Special Tech Series V from Liqui Moli has such useful properties for the consumer:

  • Good and prompt lubricant in the cold season;
  • Excellent lubricating ability;
  • Keeping the engine clean;
  • Reduced concentration of harmful substances in exhaust and fuel consumption;
  • Long-term preservation of its properties and resistance to oxidation;
  • Passed the necessary tests on systems of forced air supply and cleaning of exhaust gases.

It meets APISL/CF, ACEAA5/B5, ILSACGF-3 certificates and has a permit from Volvo.

The physical and chemical properties of Special Tec V Liqui Moly motor oil

The manufacturer has endowed the oil with the following characteristics:

  1. Evaporability (%) — 11.5;
  2. Colour — L 3.0;
  3. Elm class — 0W30;
  4. Viscosity rate (-35 0C) is less than 6200 mPa;
  5. Viscosity rate (100 0C) — 9.76 mm sq/s;
  6. Density (15 0C) — 0.850 g/cm cube;
  7. Elm index — 180;
  8. Flash in the open crucible (0C) — 220;
  9. Lyalcin — 9.5 mg CON/g;
  10. Viscosity (40 0C) — 51 mm sq/s;
  11. Freezing temperature (0C) — -51;

The manufacturer recommends the use of Special Tec V lubricants for Volvo cars. However, it can be safely used for Honda (Honda), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi), Jaguar (Jaguar), Renault (Renault) and others. It is not recommended for VW cars at increased intervals (should be selected on the basis of the Vin Code). Be sure to follow the requirements of the car manufacturer and, to achieve better efficiency, use oil only in its purest form.

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