Starex antifreeze overview

Антифризы Starex

the Principle of any refrigerant is built in the cooling of the car engine, operated at least 40-45 degrees below zero. It does not form scale and rust spots. But how to choose the best antifreeze among the countless consumables on the market? Experienced drivers will say that you need to look for quality at an affordable price, and it makes no sense to buy expensive options.

Starex Antifreeze

Among the worthy ratio the price-quality secrete antifreeze STAREX. The range of this company is carboxylate, and silicate coolants and antifreeze.

Features of Starex chillers

Manufacturer Starex produces three types of refrigerants:

Antifreeze Starex

Manufactured in accordance with GOST 28084-89. Consumable liquid fully complies with international requirements that apply to such technical mixtures. The refrigerant consists of a simple diatomic alcohol and additives. Glycerin is not in it.

It has good protective functions, practically does not foam. The color of the liquid is blue. Consumables are designed for all models of vehicles and machinery. The operating temperature range of the cooling composition is from -40 to 108 degrees Celsius.

Antifreeze Starex G11

It is a traditional version of antifreezes, without excess. Consistent with the classification G11. Amines, nitrites and phosphates are not present in the technical mixture.

As a result, Strex G11 acquires a number of positive qualities, namely, it protects the cooling system from corrosion processes, scale and early wear.

Starex G11 is green, contains a fluorescent additive, and provides the correct heat exchange in the internal space of the power unit. Service life of the coolant – every two years.

Antifreeze Starex G12

Modern cooler obtained through carboxylic acids. It consists of high-quality ethylene glycol and additives.

The color of the refrigerant is red, fluorescent. Corresponds to the international classification G12, as it does not contain in its composition unnecessary compounds:

  • nitrates,
  • boratov,
  • silicates,
  • glycerin.

The absence of these elements allows the engine cooling system to be maintained from the inside, in a proper clean condition, protecting all areas from rusting, premature wear, unwanted precipitation.

Recommended for use in cars and trucks. The service life is from 3 to 5 years.

Many drivers are interested in the question, is it possible to mix coolers from different manufacturers? The manufacturer allows the mixing of refrigerants, but it is recommended to observe the types of consumables, for example, carboxylate can be mixed only with carboxylate, standard antifreeze – with the same.

But do not abuse it. The fact is that different manufacturers, despite the similarity of the scheme of production of cooling mixtures, use different sets of additives. Therefore, supplements may not be compatible with each other.

How to distinguish a fake Starex

Fake antifreeze is different at once, it is enough only to visually examine the packaging. The canister should be closed and made of high quality plastic.

Check the tightness of the container with the cooler is simple, it is necessary to squeeze it slightly with your fingers on the sides and turn upside down.

All information labels and tags on the canister should be well fixed. On the original label, the manufacturer indicates the main properties of the cooler, notes the volume, composition and recommendations for use.

Purchase antifreezes STAREX should only be from official representatives or through proven retail space.

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