The FL22 antifreeze

Антифриз FL22 Mazda

the antifreeze Market is gradually being updated as the former coolants become obsolete and are not able to properly cope with functional responsibilities. For example, the new antifreeze FL22 is proposed to be used only for new models of Mazda machines.

Antifreeze FL22 Mazda

In extreme conditions of operation of the car, this proprietary refrigerant is able to protect the engine from adverse effects and ensures flawless operation of the power device. This type of chiller can be attributed to the record holders at the time of application. The composition does not lose its useful qualities even after 10 years of use.

Features of Mazda antifreeze FL22 (Mazda)

Antifreeze FL22 from Mazda – the best option for vehicles of this brand. The composition is characterized by a long service life. Based on the technical guidance of the solution, it is designed for 11 years of continuous operation or 200 thousand kilometers. Main parameters:

  • shade of technical solution – green;
  • crystallization temperature is 44 frost;
  • cooler FL22 is made on the basis of acids of organic nature.

The structure includes a specially designed package of additives that protects all the mechanisms of the power unit. Fl22 technical solution covers parts and assemblies of the engine with a very thin shell, which allows it to maintain useful qualities for a long period of time.

is it Possible to mix Mazda FL22 with antifreezes from other manufacturers?

To find out, you need to deal with the exact composition of the coolant. If you do not rely on these data, then during refilling the composition can foam or transform into a gel-like mass. As a result – a violation of the mechanisms and components of the power unit.

Such troubles do not happen often, but they still need to be taken into account. When you urgently need to top up the cooler, and the original brand is not available, you can apply antifreeze with the same color.

According to the parameters, such a liquid is close to the working cooling solution. If this is not, you can simply add distillate. The use of Antifreeze is not recommended. It should be taken into account, if the system to the existing antifreeze topping another brand, the service life of the cooler is reduced by an order of magnitude.

Always use the cooler according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer. As a topping not to use plain water, but some car owners manage to fill it at your own risk.

The fact is that it usually contains a lot of salts and minerals that can damage the mechanisms of the power device of transport over time. And if you use antifreeze in the cold, diluted with plain water, then ice will appear in the container.

Standard water causes the formation of corrosion plaque, and this is unexpected material costs. It is more rational and reasonable to buy the best version of the liquid and not to think about the problems with the cooling system.

Carmaker Mazda itself is not engaged in the production of the cooler, but recommends antifreeze FL22, because it fully complies with the norms of the car. In addition, the use of this technical mixture increases the life of all mechanisms in the motor system.

Since the liquid is able to maintain its useful characteristics for a decade, it is assumed that the refrigerant should not be saved. You should beware of cheap options, because low price is a guarantee of poor quality of the product.

Modern versions of antifreezes not only cool the mechanisms of ice, but also serve as an excellent preventive measure. The additives introduced into the solution allow to avoid the appearance of a rusty plaque, thereby maintaining the working life of the system.

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