The Optimal Oil Liqui Moly Benzin

Моторное масло Optimal Benzin Liqui Moly

the Products also appear under the German name Optimal Teilsynthetisch. It is a semi-synthetic lubricating fluid adapted specifically for Russian conditions. This adaptation is realized by means of a set of the special additives providing worthy level of protection of the engine.

Optimal Benzin Liqui Moly engine oil

Properties of the engine oil is Optimal Benzin

The composition is based on mineral and synthetic components. Developed on the basis of the synthesis, while the records were taken to the high requirements of modern petrol and diesel engines of the type operating at high rpm.

The properties of the oil allow it to provide a good level of lubrication in all modes of operation of the engine, can be used for gasoline engines with turbocharged and exhaust gas cleaners.

This is an excellent NS-synthetics, that is, the composition is produced by the method of hydrocracking synthesis technology. Viscosity indicators are stable, do not change depending on external factors.

According to the manufacturer, the properties of semisynthetics Optimal 10W-40 is not inferior to 100% synthetics.

Technical specifications

Optimal Gasoline LIQUI Moli corresponds to APISL/CF, ACEAA3/B3 certificates and has such physical and chemical properties:

  • Flash in open crucible – 235 P.
  • Density index at 15 S – 0.86 g/cm cub.
  • Viscosity index – 154.
  • Solidification at t -33 P.
  • Viscosity index at 100 S – 14.3 mm q / s
  • Viscosity index at 40 deg. Celsius – 96.5 mm sq/s.

It has an excellent ratio of quality and price.

release Form

The engine oil Liqui Moly Optimal 10W 40 is sold in containers of different volumes with the corresponding articles:

1 liter – 3929;

4 l – 3930;

5 l – 2287;

60 l – 3931;

Barrel 205 l – 3932.


So, like the optimal Diesel, it is a high-quality semi-synthetic composition. Refers to the all-season group, applicable throughout the year.

Designed for engines operating on gasoline. It can be turbocharged ice, multi-valve, high-speed.

Well suited for cars such well-known domestic manufacturers as GAS and VAZ. Fully complies with the requirements of the certificate ACEA/API.


The composition of the German oil series Liqui Moly Optimal with a viscosity of 10W40, designed for gasoline engines, introduced a specialized package of additives that protect the engine elements from wear and sludge formation.

It is characterized by good fluidity, which ensures timely receipt of grease in all units of the unit. In addition, the oil has a number of advantages:

  • Provides a quick start,
  • Well pumped,
  • Resistant to oxidizing processes,
  • Saves fuel,
  • Has dispersing properties,
  • Compatible with catalytic converters of exhaust gases.

As a result, the motor operates without interruption even in difficult operating conditions. Due to the increased service interval, the lubricant consumption is significantly reduced.

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