The range of oils Liqui Moly Synthoil

Regarding the group, we can say that these are real German synthetic oils. It should be borne in mind that manufacturers from different countries in their own interpret such a thing as 100% synthetic. In some of them, non-synthetic components are used for the synthetic base of oils.

In Germany, the concept of oils belonging to the category of «synthetics» is defined by law. According to DIN-standard, pure synthetic oil is a base 100% consisting of PAO (polyalphaolefin) and a package of additives. All, nothing more!

Characteristics of Liqui Moly Synthoil oils

Range of oils Liqui Moly Synthoil

This series of motor oils is made in different viscosity classes, designed for most modern engines. Advantages Of LIQUI Moli Synthoil:

  • Pure synthetics of German quality,
  • Excellent oxidation resistance,
  • Preservation of properties at extreme temperatures,
  • Excellent cold start,
  • Ability to provide decent protection to ice elements,
  • Cleaning properties of the product from carbon deposits and other wastes of internal combustion engines,
  • anti-Friction characteristics.

Now a little more about each species.

Series LIQUI Moly Synthoil

Longtime 0W30

Synthoil Longtime oil is a universal lubricating fluid based on PAO, without problems suitable for many models of vehicles. Comes with a viscosity grade 0W30, which is designed to operate at low temperatures, whereby the product contributes to a good start in extreme cold, energy saving and fuel efficiency.

Corresponds to certificates APICF/SM, ACEAA3/B4 is approved by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW.

With Liqui Moly Synthoil Longtime 0W30, you can be confident in protecting the motor over a wide temperature range when using low-quality fuel and extended inter-service replacement times.

Energy 0W40

Like the previous model, it is universal, suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines.

Compatible with forced air supply systems and catalysts, has excellent energy saving (hence its name) and anti-friction characteristics, is able to provide the required pressure in the lubrication system of the internal combustion engine in a different temperature range. Designed for all-season use.

It has a low viscosity in the cold season and good stability of the oil film, prevents various types of deposits on the parts, reduces friction and wear.

Corresponds to certificates APICF/SM, ACEAA3/B4 is approved by VW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche.

High Tech

Includes several viscous subclasses, for different purposes and climatic conditions. The most popular oils from the Liqui Moly Synthoil line. Suitable for vehicles equipped with particulate filters. They can be successfully used for turbocharged engines experiencing increased loads of both gasoline and diesel.

They are all-season and low viscosity, compatible with catalysts and can be used in sports. Thus, it is a product with universal characteristics, this, apparently, is due to its popularity among consumers.

LIQUI Moli Synthoil series

Synthoil Diesel

About this oil is particularly remarkable to say nothing, the quality of it at an excellent level, as well as other products of the company, is all-season and easy to flow, from the name it is clear that it is developed specifically for the engine on diesel fuel.

It provides good performance of both atmospheric and turbocharged versions, including systems for cooling the injected air.

It has certificates of conformity APICF, ACEAB4-04 and specifications Mercedes-Benz, BWM, VW.

Race Tech GT1

This is a special representative of the considered series of oils. Designed for motor oil to work in extreme conditions, at the engine speed. Designed specifically for sports motors. The film formed by this oil is characterized by special strength, it is able to protect the engine in extreme operating conditions, is very resistant to high temperatures.


  • Excellent thermal stability,
  • Very low consumption,
  • aging and oxidation Resistance,
  • Designed specifically for engines with high afterburner and boost pressure.

Lubricant liquid will be of interest to a very narrow range of consumers due to its purpose, using it for everyday driving is not the best choice.

Longtime Plus

The grease is «sharpened» specifically for R5 TDI and V10 TDI engines installed on VW vehicles. Created with the calculation of the special requirements of Volkswagen Group. It can be used for gasoline and diesel versions, contributes to the long life of the engine and well reduces its «voracity» in terms of fuel.

Corresponds to the certificate ACEAA1/B1, A5/B5 has been approved by VW. Use of oil for engines of these cars allows to keep conditions of a guarantee at THAT.

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