The X-freeze-FREEZE Red, Green, Blue

Антифриз X-FREEZE Red, Green, Blue

the Purpose of antifreeze is known to every motorist – in the summer it cools the car engine from overheating, and in the winter – does not freeze the engine oil, thereby maintaining the engine in optimal working condition. Coolers X-FREEZE represent a consumable material with a unique set of additives.

Antifreeze X-FREEZE Red, Green, Blue

According to official data, antifreeze of this brand is intended for use in conditions of high loads. These refrigerants have an extremely low crystallization rate, so it can be used even in Northern latitudes.

composition Features and structure

Antifreeze is produced by the manufacturer in two versions, both in the diluted state and as a concentrated solution. If the car owner decides to buy concentrate, it will have to be diluted in the required ratio. All necessary information on dilution of composition is specified by the manufacturer on the container of the product.

The composition of the cooling component includes:

Diatomic alcohol (ethylene glycol). The basis of the product that meets all international requirements and norms.

A set of specially designed components that help slow down unwanted chemical processes.

Retarders (inhibitors) are able to prevent the occurrence of corrosion reactions in the ice, that is, get rid of rusting. Antifreeze does not interact with other substances of the motor system of the car and is completely neutral.

In addition, it is able to reliably protect the engine from precipitation, in the form of raids and scale. Such coolants provide protection for all components and components made of various materials (including rubber).

Product range

The range of the X-freeze-FREEZE consists of several varieties. Consider the composition and properties of each product.

Antifreeze X-FREEZE Green, green

A mixture of this color is considered a classic variation. It can be used not only in light and heavy transport, but also in special equipment. The composition of antifreeze includes additives that contribute to a long service life.

According to official information, the service life is five years. The additive package used in the cooling component performs the following functions:

  • Eliminates foam in the device;
  • Eliminates the appearance of corrosion plaque;
  • Stabilizes the ph of the system.

Antifreeze has good lubricity and can protect the system from the appearance of various deposits. The maximum possible limit of use – 40 frost. As for the mixing of compositions, it is allowed. The only condition is the use of high-quality cooling composition with similar properties.

X-FREEZE Blue, blue

This species is characterized by performance in a more severe climate, it can be used in the Northern regions, where the air temperature drops to -45. Produced antifreeze in diluted form and in the form of concentrate. When diluting the concentrate, it is necessary to use distilled or purified water. All information on the proportions of water and solution is contained on the label of the canister.

This refrigerant meets the standard G11 that makes it stand out among similar counterparts. Recommended by car manufacturers such as Audi, Opel, Volvo. Can be used in vehicles manufactured in the Russian Federation.

the X-freeze-FREEZE red, red

Designed to prevent and prevent corrosion processes, that is, has improved properties to combat this negative process. It is used in heavy and light transport.

The allowable temperature limit of not lower than 40 below zero. As part of the cooler there are no compounds in the form of phosphates and nitrites. Recommended by many auto giants such as Volvo, General motors, Audi, Citroen, Peugeot and many others. Among the domestic automotive industry: VAZ, GAZ, Daewoo.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, x-FREEZE red antifreeze is categorically not mixed with other refrigerants containing a carboxylate complex of additives.

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