Top Tec Truck 4050 Liqui Moly Engine Oil

The word Truck, present in the name of the motor oil Top Tec Truck 4050 Liqui Moly speaks about the purpose of lubricants specifically for trucks. It is all-season, which allows you to apply it at any time of the year, during the production took into account the environmental regulations of Euro 4 and 5, which the oil fully corresponds to.

Top Tec Truck 4050 motor oil review from Liqui Moly

Top Tec Truck 4050 Liqui Moly Engine Oil

The oil is compatible with CRT/DPF soe filters, as well as systems that provide additional processing of exhaust products. Excellent protection of the DVS from wear and tear and withdrawal of unwanted products of its work is provided by a well-thought-out formula based on non-traditional oils produced by special technology, combined with a modern set of additives.

The company recommends using the Top Teck Truck 4050 from Liqui Moli exclusively for diesel-powered motors.

Technical parameters, applications, tolerances and specifications

The physical and chemical data can be displayed in the following numbers:

  • Freezing temperature (0C) — -33;
  • Elm index — 162;
  • Viscosity (40 0C) — 89 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class — 10W40;
  • Flash temperature (0C) — 240;
  • Viscosity rate (100 0C) — 14.4 mm sq/s;
  • Density (15 0C) — 0.86 g/cm cube;

The oil is designed specifically for trucks with diesel powertrains operating in high-load conditions corresponding to the Euro 4 class, equipped with special systems producing extras. exhaust treatment with soot filters.

The lubricant has a backward compatibility, t. E. it can be safely used for the more «old» environmental class (Euro 2.3), mixing with other oils is not allowed. It is necessary to follow the requirements of the manufacturer of the vehicle regarding the periods of oil change.

Properties, tolerances, certificates of compliance

Purchasing this product from Liqui Moly, the owner of the truck will get the benefits:

  1. Intercooler without dirt and sediment;
  2. Reversing compatibility;
  3. Excellent winter motor launch;
  4. Getting rid of a negative effect called «borepolishing»;
  5. Great durability, high stability of the lubricating layer;
  6. Dispersal and detergent characteristics;
  7. Long-term oil preservation of its working properties;
  8. Stable operation in a wide range of temperatures;

The oil has tolerances from the following manufacturers: Deutz, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes, Mack, MAN, in addition it can be used for JASO, MTU, Cummins, DAF, Caterpillars. The lubricants meet all the requirements of API CI-4, ACEA E6/E7 certificates.

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