Top Tec Truck 4250 Liqui Moly Engine Oil

The Top Tec Truck 4250 Liqui Moly is much similar to its 4050 number, but has a lower viscosity of 5W30, which makes it a power-saving class with the ability to save fuel. It belongs to the all-season, is made on the basis of synthesis technology on the basis of HC-synthetics with the addition of company’s branded additives, corresponds to the modern environmental class Euro 4.5.

It can also be used for trucks equipped with soot filters and re-driving systems. Like other Products Ofqui Moli, provides a long operation until the oil is replaced, perfectly protects the motor from wear.

Top Tec Truck 4250 oil review from Liqui Moly

Top Tec Truck 4250 Liqui Moly Engine Oil

Physical parameters and application

Considering this oil, it is worth to cite some figures that characterize it:

  • Freezing temperature (6C):-36;
  • Elm index — 173;
  • Viscosity (40 0C) — 68 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class — 5W30;
  • Ignition temperature (0C) — 226;
  • Viscosity rate (100 0C) — 12 mm sq/s;
  • Density (15 0C) — 0.855 g/cm cube.

The application is provided only in pure form, created for motors that meet the standards of Euro 4, 5, but can be used for some trucks of lower environmental class. The manufacturer recommends using it only for diesel powertrains.

Certificates of compliance, distinctive properties and tolerances of automakers

Top Tec Truck 4250 Liqui Moly has permits from manufacturers Volvo, Renault, Mercedes, Mack, MAN, and it can be poured into trucks brands Deutz, MTU.

The lubricants are characterized by the following positive properties:

  1. Low percentage of sulfur, phosphorus and sulphate ash;
  2. Suitable for working in difficult conditions, meeting all the requirements of modern motors;
  3. Keeps the engine clean;
  4. Reduces fuel consumption;
  5. Excellent protects the DVS from wear;
  6. It is highly resistant to oxidation;
  7. Very high resistance of the lubricating layer;
  8. Good start in the cold period.

It should be said that the oil meets the stringent requirements of such certificates as API CI-4 and ACEA E6-08/E7-08.

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