Touring High Tech Liqui Moly

The lubricants of this type are made on an upscale mineral basis with the addition of an additive kit synthesized using modern technology. Liqui Moly’s Touring High Tech engine oil provides excellent protection for powertrain in particularly difficult operating conditions, and can last for a long time.

Liqui Moly’s Touring High Tech Motor Oil Review

Liqui Moly Touring High Tech

Features of application, physical characteristics

Positively highlights this car oil versatility of its use, because it is suitable for cars and some models of trucks with gasoline and diesel engines, equipped with turbines and intercoolers. The company took care of the long life of Turing Hee Tech oil and its performance in extreme conditions. However, you need to follow the requirements of the manufacturer of a certain car.

The physical and chemical characteristics look like this:

  • Ash — 1.4 g/100 g;
  • Freeze (at 0C temperature): -30;
  • Elm index — 141;
  • Viscosity rate (at 40 0C) — 105 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class — 15W40;
  • Colour — 5;
  • Ignition temperature (0C) — 224;
  • Elm (at 100 0C) — 14.4 mm sq/s;
  • Density index (at 15 0C) — 0.88 g/cm cube;

Features, tolerances of automakers, compliance with certificates

For users of this lubricant will be available its properties such as:

  1. Compensation for the negative impact of low-quality fuel on the engine;
  2. The possibility of mixing with other oils;
  3. Cleaning the engine’s working surfaces;
  4. Low evaporation;
  5. Soft start in winter;
  6. Safety for exhaust cleaning systems (catalysts);
  7. Fighting black slag in the DVS;
  8. Resistance to aging;
  9. The strength and reliability of the lubricating layer;
  10. Widespread applications;

The product fully complies with acea A3-08/B4-08/E2-96 Issue 5, as well as APISL/CF/CG-4. It has tolerances from Mack, Alison, MAN, Caterpillar, Volvo, Mercedes, and the manufacturer recommends it for Citroen/Peugeot.

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