Touring High Tech SHPD Liqui Moly

Touring High Tech SHPD Liqui Moly is a mineral oil, but this does not prevent it from being state-of-the-art, suitable for use in modern powertrains of various types of technology. It is multi-purpose and is especially recommended for companies with a fleet of mixed-type vehicles.

Touring High Tech SHPD Liqui Moly Motor Oil Review

Touring High Tech SHPD Liqui Moly

The base oils used in the production process are complemented by a special additive set, which gives a significant increase in the performance of the engine with excellent protection from wear and tear. The oil provides a particularly long period of use. Suitable for DVS with turbines and exhaust cleaning systems.

Specifications, recommendations for use

As always, first of all it is necessary to clarify the requirements of the manufacturer of the vehicle for which the use of consumables is planned. Despite the possibility of using the product in a mixed form with other oils, the optimal effect will be achieved only in a pure state. Touring High Tech SHPD oil is designed specifically for diesel powertrains used for different types of vehicles.

Physical data:

  • ASTM — L 5.5;
  • Flash (0C) — 226;
  • Viscosity rate (at 100 0C) — 14.4 mm sq/s;
  • Density (at 15 0C) — 0.88 g/cm cube;
  • Freezing temperature (0C): -27;
  • Elm index — 144;
  • Elm (for temperature 40 0C) — 103 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class — 15W40;

Properties, certificate compliance, vehicle manufacturers’ tolerances

The oil has tolerances from Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Allison, Mack, MAN, Renault, Cummins, Global, Mercedes, and, in addition, can be used for Deutz, Caterpillars, MTU, John Deere.

The positive properties of this oil are:

  1. Safe for catalyst;
  2. Protects DVS cylinders from resurfacing;
  3. It has stable viscous characteristics;
  4. Suitable for any diesel engine;
  5. Excellent cleans the engine of unwanted products of its work;
  6. Provides excellent protection of the power unit in especially long intervals between replacements;

Fully meets the terms of the ACEA E7-04/A3-04/B4-04, as well as the SL/CI-4 API.

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