Touring High Teck SHPD-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly

This oil is designed for powerunits, working on both gasoline and diesel fuel, and can be used for a variety of their types, is perfect for turbocharged versions equipped with intercoolers. Touring High Teck SHPD-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly is designed for a variety of special equipment, recommended for use in mixed fleets. As always, the company Liqui Moli pleased car owners with the opportunity to change oil after very long periods of time. Manufactured on a mineral base with the addition of special additives.

Touring High Teck SHPD-Motoroil Basic Review by Liqui Moly

Touring High Teck SHPD-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly

Physical characteristics, application

Turing Hee Tech SHPD-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly should be used, guided by the advice of the manufacturer of the vehicle, for any models of gasoline and diesel engines. Its characteristics look like this:

  • ASTM color number — L4.5;
  • Flash (0C) — 224;
  • Viscous (at t 100 0C) — 14.5 mm sq/s;
  • Density index (for t 15 0C) — 0.885 g/cm cube;
  • Freeze (at t in 0C): -30;
  • The index characterizing viscosity — 135;
  • Elm (at 40 0C) — 110 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class — 15W40;

Properties, tolerances and compliance with international certificates

The lubricants have tolerances from MTU, Mack, MAN, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes, in addition to which liqui Moly is recommended for Cummins. Characterized by the following properties:

  1. Universal, suitable for diesel and petrol engines of all types;
  2. Long retains performance and has resistance to aging;
  3. Excellently protects the DVS from wear and tear;
  4. Maintains powertrain in a clean state;
  5. Provides long-term work until the next replacement of lubricants;
  6. Effectively fights the effect of polishing cylinders.

Fully meets the requirements of ACEA E7-04/A3-04/B4-04 and API SL/CH-4.

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