ZIC 75W-90 gear oil reviews

ZIC 75W-90, отзывы

We offer to read the reviews of car owners about the transmission oil ZIC 75W-90 for gearbox, variator, etc. If you want to share your opinion about the ZIC 75W 90, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

ZIC 75W-90, отзывы

Real testimonials from car owners about ZIC 75W-90

Alexander, Toyota Auris

Used to use cheap transmission oil. For some reason I thought it didn’t matter. But after a year of driving in the cabin was too noisy. In addition, the transmission began to switch too tight.

At the HUNDRED I was advised to buy something decent. Recommended synthetic gear oil ZIC GFT 75w90. Decided to try.

It is not too expensive, but here you need to consider one important point. In plastic containers will have to pay for 3 liters almost as much as for 4 in metal. In General, I am satisfied with the result.

I will not say that the transmission switches perfectly, but much easier than it was before. In addition, the noise disappeared, which is also very pleased. Now recommend to all friends.

Sergey, Lada Grant

Almost immediately after the purchase of the car (took hands) began to appear noises in the gearbox. That’s why I decided to change the oil. Long chose and stopped on transmissionc Zeke 75w90.

I haven’t regretted it once. All the gears are shifted without much straining. I don’t hear any noises yet, although I have already skated many thousands of kilometers.

Besides, I noticed another good thing. The car starts without any problems in the cold. Even after standing for a few days, the engine is not acting up, running smoothly, without any interruptions.

Oil completely satisfied. Its consumption is not too large, which can not but rejoice, because the price is not so small.

Arthur, Renault Logan

They say that the synthetic ZIC 75w-90 is quite normal for many brands of machines. Poured it into Reno. Before that went don’t even know what, since I bought already not a new car. Summer in a whole all was normal.

Winter began to get out various problems. The gearbox has suffered greatly. The shift lever began to jam. So had to fill it with new oil. The choice fell on a synthetic ZEKE. Many people told me that they were very happy with the result.

But personally, I have no particular change in the operation of his car did not notice. Those who praise him say that I got on a fake, because I took the oil on the car market. But at this price I do not want to check again.

Constantine, Lada Priora

Transmission oil Zic 75w-90 bought with the car, that is inside it. And I have the car rides for several years only on it. Consumption is a minimum, therefore, the containers in 4 litre long enough. This is good, because this consumption is not the cheapest. The gearbox works without any complaints.

Transmission switches smoothly, no jerks there. Noise, too, after enough large range not appeared.

In General, I am completely satisfied. To change it to another while it is not going to, because they do not see worthy alternatives. Only buy it better in showrooms, because the market is very easy to get to the outright fake.

Valery, Fiat Ducato

Long chose what to pour in a box, on many forums praised synthetic ZIC GFT 75w-90. Decided to try. In addition to the fact that the gearshift problems disappeared, pleased with the fact that it works normally and in the cold.

Michael, VAZ 2107

In General, for the money it is a good oil. I ZIC transmission fluid of viscosity 75w90 advised a friend after I complained of some problems with the transmission.

I bought it at the store because I was afraid of fakes. It suited my car perfectly. Almost all problems have disappeared.

I don’t hear any other noise in the cabin. Nothing knocks. All the gear changes perfectly, no sticking. So far I am satisfied, so I will not even look for other options.

Oleg, Geely MK

After pouring synthetic Zeke transmission were included softer. A little embarrassed that the oil itself is abnormally light, more like a vegetable. But the properties are not affected, the flight is normal.

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